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  1. Thomsfocus How do you remove the bumper??
  2. Thanks that’s great news
  3. I removed the headlight today but no joy no horn to be seen. So I’m afraid it’s off with the bumper.
  4. Hi help needed I need to change the horn on a mk3.5 focus from a single to a dual horn I believe it is behind the bumper on the left hand side is this correct and how do I get to it thanks in advance Darren
  5. Hello help needed I am about to swap my cloth seats for a set of heated leather seats I have already got the switches and they are plugged into the loom. The question is will I find the other end of the loom under the front seats or is it more complicated than that and will I need to fit a fuse is so where will the fuse be?
  6. Sell the ToyoSprot stainless steel exhaust system and get a back box delete in stainless and listen for the pops and crackles you wont be disappointed
  7. Hello Help needed I am looking at putting an inertia light with the submarine led lights in to a mk6.5 Fiesta but i need to take a feed from the light switch to power them when i put on the lights can anyone tell me what wire i need on back of the light switch? Thanks in advance
  8. Just got a fiesta mk 6 face lift inertia and head liner to strip now at the weekend
  9. all done mate thanks for the advice
  10. Thanks mate much appreciate
  11. Hi help needed has anyone removed their centre console on a mk 2.5 focus. I have bought a carbon centre effect one from a RS focus
  12. Hi lenny i used h&r 40mm
  13. Hi has anyone lowered their car and suffered squeaking suspension I think it’s the rear spring aids how did you over come it?