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  1. Hi lenny i used h&r 40mm
  2. Hi has anyone lowered their car and suffered squeaking suspension I think it’s the rear spring aids how did you over come it?
  3. Thanks Jon normally this wouldn’t be to much of a problem but I’m on holiday so some distance from home and don’t fancy being stranded miles away from home.
  4. Hi my wife has a mk3.5 st line and when out today the car would not unlock using the key fob. I had to use the key hidden in the fob to unlock the car. Lock it up again using the fob left the car for about an hour and all was good again. Has anyone else had this problem?
  5. The motor is a straight swap I did it to my mk2.5 focus.
  6. Did this to mine and my lads fiesta get one from a scrappy
  7. To wire it up as in the video you will need a couple of relays and some black and red wire plus a couple of fuses. Probable took about 1/2 a day.
  8. Hello again i got mine to work using that video bu I i have also seen this on this forum as well but yet to try it. Essentially to convert 7 pin to 10 pin to drive the xenons and retain the levelling. Then pin 8 splice to pin 6. Pin 9 to pin 5 and pin 10 splice to pin 2. Jobs a goodun
  9. No sorry just googled it and iantt is right it’s at the front end of the car on the right hand side.
  10. I thought it was behind the front right wheel arch liner.
  11. Hi I think it is this link
  12. Your headlight loom will probably have only 7 wires in the plug where the xenon lights require 10 wires in the plug there is a clip on YouTube that shows how to get round it.
  13. Thanks for the complement don’t know what happened there wrong question for newer title.
  14. Thanks it’s a mk 2.5
  15. Hi just a quick question is a 1.8 petrol focus cam belt or chain driven valve train?