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  1. TangoDaz

    lowering springs

    Hi Has anyone fitted lowering springs to a fiesta mk 6.5 is it an easy job? Thanks in advance
  2. TangoDaz

    Mk6.5 fiesta bumper

    Thanks Zain just need a couple of the plastic rivets I think? All I need to do then is fit the front splitter and he also has a rear diffuser to fit as well
  3. TangoDaz

    Mk6.5 fiesta bumper

    Hi I have been tasked with swapping the rear bumper on my sons fiesta style to one from a zetec s can anyone let me know what's involved? Thanks in advance
  4. Do you have a link for them?
  5. nice car and mods where did you get the headlights from?
  6. TangoDaz

    Focus MK2.5 ST headlining

    Hi Chris The trim panel that holds the adjustment for the height is a little fiddly as you can drop the screws behind the panel I found it a little easier to start both screw a little bit first making sure the buckle is on the outside of the panel as well as that can slid behind it as well. the trim for the rear window may also be fiddly as the screws are blind so you will need a screw driver that is slightly magnetic to help keep the screws on the screw driver. Good luck and looking forward to seeing a few photos if possible?
  7. TangoDaz

    Focus MK2.5 ST headlining

    When you remove the front courtesy light you will see a plastic bracket that screws to the roof.
  8. TangoDaz

    Focus MK2.5 ST headlining

    yes its a bit if a pain did yours fit okay or did you need to modify it?
  9. TangoDaz

    Focus MK2.5 ST headlining

    I kept my original loom on the car as it was a lot easier to do and had all the same connectors including the one for the submarine light at the front. Like yunii said it's a lot easier when dropping the old headliner and refitting the new one to get another pair of hands. The rest of the time it's just a case of taking you time and remember where the screws go. You may need a couple of the white clips for the a pillar they are also used ion the trim in the boot side panels. Good luck it's worth it. Nice Father's Day president 😊
  10. TangoDaz

    fiesta mk 6.5 console removal

    Hi all yes painted calipers are also on his list. His car came with the Sony stereo as factory and should look good with the dipped trim. I'll post photos when completed
  11. TangoDaz

    fiesta mk 6.5 console removal

    Thanks guys its all out ready for a trip to the Carbon dippers
  12. TangoDaz

    fiesta mk 6.5 console removal

    Thanks lads much appreciated how are the cables to the heater held in place? my son want a blue dash as well but I think too bigger job.
  13. Morning Has anyone removed the centre console on a mk 6.5 fiesta to get it carbon dipped? I've removed the stereo but need to remove the heater vents and also the heater control as well and probably the plastic gear/ handbrake surround any tips or advice would be greatly accepted. Thanks in advance
  14. TangoDaz

    Focus tailgate loom

    Thanks Clive i think that's the brake light in the spoiler