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  1. TangoDaz

    Power fold mirrors

    Ok thanks I’ll save the money and get something else then 👍
  2. TangoDaz

    Power fold mirrors

    Hi if I wanted to fit a set of power folding mirrors to my mk2.5 focus would I need to flash the ecu if they came complete with the loom? Darren
  3. TangoDaz

    Mk2 headlining

    Try and get the front submarine light as well if you haven't already got on as the wire to connect it should be tapped back to the loom. I used my original loom as you don't need to go back to the fuse box to swap it over.
  4. TangoDaz

    Lowering my focus

    Thanks Yunni and Dan i take it you both had your cars lowered at a garage ? I was thinking of doing it myself and just wanted to know how hard it was to do. I did my sons fiesta the other week but I've been told the focus is a little bit harder.
  5. TangoDaz

    Lowering my focus

    Hi Dan how much did it cost? Hi yunni did you do it yourself?
  6. TangoDaz

    Snow tyres or snow socks

    I used snow socks this winter and they worked a treat
  7. TangoDaz

    Lowering my focus

    Thanks how easy are they to fit?
  8. TangoDaz

    Lowering my focus

    Thinking of lowering my focus the question is do I use Eibach's or do I go coilovers? Thanks in advance
  9. TangoDaz

    lowering springs

    Thanks Guy's my son is really please with the way it looks and drives might even do my focus now
  10. TangoDaz

    lowering springs

    all done
  11. TangoDaz

    lowering springs

    Thanks Guy's ill post a couple of photos on Sunday if all goes well
  12. TangoDaz

    lowering springs

  13. TangoDaz

    lowering springs

    Hi Has anyone fitted lowering springs to a fiesta mk 6.5 is it an easy job? Thanks in advance
  14. TangoDaz

    Mk6.5 fiesta bumper

    Thanks Zain just need a couple of the plastic rivets I think? All I need to do then is fit the front splitter and he also has a rear diffuser to fit as well