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  1. Hi my son has a mk 6 facelift fiesta and it is suffering from an immobiliser issue. When we try and start the car the red led light flashes very quickly fir a period of time. Then stops then flashes one followed by 6 flashes then the sequence starts again flashes once then 6 times. Can anyone help me with the fault that the cluster is trying to inform me of? Many thanks Darren
  2. Thanks mate have you got a link please?
  3. Hello can anyone help me I am looking at fitting a set of st/rs rear lights to my mk 2 facelift focus. If the lights come with the bulb holder do I need another loom as well to connect to the cars main loom? Thanks in advance Darren
  4. Hello I have a set of mk2.5 facelift led rear lights and need to change the brake light can anyone tell me which ones they are? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello I tried to change my spark plugs on a fiesta mk 6 at the weekend but when I took off the air filter box I found water on top of the cam covers. In addition to this the plug leads had rust around them and I could not pull them out. Any advice on how to change both plugs and leads would be very welcome. Thanks in advance Darren
  6. It only goes up and down. I tried pulling it as far back as I dare but still not showing the screws for the cluster.
  7. Thanks mate it’s just very tight at the bottom
  8. I’ve found them and removed the lower shroud it’s getting the top shroud to come away that’s the problem. it will pull away from the cluster but it’s getting the lower part come away from the dash
  9. Hi can someone help please? i need to remove the instrument cluster from a mk6 facelift fiesta but I cannot get the upper column shroud to come away to reveal the two fixing screws, does anyone have any idea how it come off? Thanks in advance. Darren
  10. Hi mate As long as they come from either a mk 2 or mk 2 facelift its a straight swap. you may need to use your own pretensioners if they have been fired on the previous car. I can recommend the st leather seats really comfortable
  11. Hello I have fitted a set of leather heated seats to my mk 2.5 focus zetec S on a 10 plate I have the plugs in the dash board and indeed the switches to go with them. the problem i have is that the plug that goes into the seats has no connector for the heated seats, will the plug be tapped back in the harness or do i need a new body harness? Thanks in advance Darren
  12. Thanks Andy i will look into getting a set
  13. Thanks mate is it hard to refit the belt and alternator?
  14. Thanks Andy I have seen the video and thought it was a bit over the top. Did you loosen the belt tensioner if so how?
  15. sorry forgot to mention 1.25 petrol
  16. Hi all Has anyone had to change their thermostat housing on their mk6 face lift fiesta can you get to from the top of the engine? Thanks in advance
  17. Thomsfocus How do you remove the bumper??
  18. Thanks that’s great news
  19. I removed the headlight today but no joy no horn to be seen. So I’m afraid it’s off with the bumper.
  20. Hi help needed I need to change the horn on a mk3.5 focus from a single to a dual horn I believe it is behind the bumper on the left hand side is this correct and how do I get to it thanks in advance Darren
  21. Hello help needed I am about to swap my cloth seats for a set of heated leather seats I have already got the switches and they are plugged into the loom. The question is will I find the other end of the loom under the front seats or is it more complicated than that and will I need to fit a fuse is so where will the fuse be?
  22. Sell the ToyoSprot stainless steel exhaust system and get a back box delete in stainless and listen for the pops and crackles you wont be disappointed
  23. Hello Help needed I am looking at putting an inertia light with the submarine led lights in to a mk6.5 Fiesta but i need to take a feed from the light switch to power them when i put on the lights can anyone tell me what wire i need on back of the light switch? Thanks in advance
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