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  1. Hi folks, I'll try to explain the issues I've been experiencing lately, in the hope someone can give me a little advice. I haven't had the chance yet to fully investigate due to a lack of free time, but I will be doing so soon, hopefully with some pointers from you good folks. In the last couple of weeks I've noticed my car makes a weird sort of whine/whirring noise from the engine bay in lower gears, usually 1st and 2nd. Once upto speed I don't hear it so much. At first I assumed it was something to do with the actual engine. It doesn't do it when idleing, but when I accelerate. It doesn't do it too bad until the engine has warmed up. Last weekend I had a quick look under the bonnet, and only thing I could see that was off, a few screws on my air filter box had worked themselves loose. I tightened them and they made no difference, if anything the noise has gotten louder since then. It's hard to described the sound, I've just noticed it and it has gotten louder over time. It does not affect the cars performance in any way as far as I'm aware. Although, I was driving in the valleys in Lancashire earlier this week and the car struggled SO bad getting upto speed while driving up hills. This could just be me being paranoid, but along with that noise I was cacking my kecks incase something blew out there in the sticks. Also, when parked on a hill earlier this week, I gave the engine a few revs and the noise sounded like it may have been coming from underneath the car or even out of the exhaust? This obviously made me think it could be an exhaust blow, as sometimes it does sound like a whine or a slight whistling/whirring noise. But most often I heard it coming from in front of me when driving, maybe towards the left or centre of the engine bay? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, or if anyone has experienced similar? I will be hopefully having a proper look to try get a better idea of what is the cause this weekend, and thereafter will be likely taking it in to a garage if it's something I can't fix myself. Car has 98k miles, and has had cambelt done in past 8 months and also the sparkplugs done, had an oil and filter change in Feb, changed air filter around the same time, all levels are as they should be, etc.
  2. I've replaced the anti roll droplinks myself maybe 3 months ago. But yea the brake discs and front suspension, I just have that kinda intuative feeling from driving the car regular that there's something amiss. That's what I find so odd that the visual checks I've had done have all come back saying it's all in decent condition! Last mechanic I'd asked gave me a funny look when I said I may replace the front suspension anyway as a precaution.
  3. Hi folks. I've had my Mk2 Focus since August 2018. It's a 1.4 Sport, had about 92,000 miles on the clock and no service history when I bought it. Got it for cheap because of the lack of history and a few bumps and scrapes on the body. Since then I've had it fully serviced including new spark plugs, cambelt and water pump done, changed the air filter and cabin filter, and last week got a wheel alignment and oil and filter change. The mechanics who've seen it in the time I've had it have all commented on how the car is in very good condition for it's age and "is a good little motor", things to that effect. I've had the suspension and brakes looked at because of little niggles I had but have been told several times everything is in good nick. Clutch is also fine, no issues whatsoever. The car currently has just under 96,500 miles on the clock and isn't due an MOT until August. I am thinking to possibly get some parts replaced, but don't want to go spending money unneccesarily. I'm more thinking what would be the best route to take to replace older parts, for peace of mind and the sake of longevity. Say for example if I could afford to get new suspension front and back now, it is worth doing to save me the hassle in the long run? (I'm planning on running this car until it dies/is no longer worth it.) Other possible things I was considering looking into was getting new brakes front and back, and also new brake lines, if it's worth it! Another thing I've been considering, would there be any benefits of getting an aftermarket/"better" exhaust system on the car? I'm looking for advice on what could be things to get done now when I can afford it, that could save me the headache in the long run? Like is there anything that could become an issue in the next 10,000+ miles in a 12.5 year old car? I'm not interested in making the car sportier or louder etc, just want to get longevity out of it. Thanks.
  4. What I'm hoping to do is tap into my front courtesy light, run the wires straight back to above rear seats. Then cut a hole in roof lining and fit maybe the basic Focus mk2 courtesy light surround? Hopefully hook my wires upto that and have it act the same as front light? Coming on when engine is off and doors are unlocked etc... I'm assuming I'll have to take the roof lining out, have never done that before was hoping there's maybe a guide with some tips and do's and don'ts. Don't suppose there is already gonna be any rear courtesy light wiring in place? You know like sometimes in the lesser models the looms are often still there just not in use. Don't suppose that's the case with rear courtesy light? I've seen a lot of posts of people doing this type of upgrade, putting in courtesy lights, vanity lights, grab handles etc, but never actually a how-to guide!
  5. Hi, Sorry if I shouldn't be asking this here, I've had a look through the Guides section but can't see anything. Looking to get some light in the back of my car as the front light isn't enough alone with my daughter in her car seat in the back! Just wondering if there's any easy to follow guides about to get more light back there? Thanks!
  6. Hi folks, Few months ago I bought one of those cheap and cheerful DIY armrests off eBay for my 2007 Focus, but I've not been too impressed with it. Considering just buying the facelift armrest off eBay (can get them around £40-50) which have the armrest built-in. Seems to be basically the same centre console from what I can see. Only difference being the placement of the 12v charger being behind the gearbox instead of in the little... coin pocket thingy. Also, there's a 12v port inside the arm rest itself? eBay itself says my year of car isn't compatible, but just wondering if anyone has put one of these facelift consoles in a pre-facelift mk2? And if so, any issues? Is it possible to DIY the second charging port? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi. Past month I've noticed something feels off with my cars stability and handling. When turning corners can feel a bit off, also going over any bumps or uneven ground feels off. Today I checked tie rods, drop links and wishbone support arms. Everything looks old but generally nothing stood out. Only thing I noticed is my drivers' side inner tie rod boot looks a bit skewed. Not sure if this could indicate a problem or boot just may not be on straight. I've attached pics of both inner tie rods for comparison. Any thoughts?
  8. Hi folks, I've been gifted a set of part-leather seats by a family friend, on condition that I pick them up from the Midlands (I live near Liverpool). My Focus is a 1.4 Sport and has the basic grey cloth seats. I'm not in direct contact with the person giving me the seats and I won't be able to check anything until I get there. Does anyone know if these seats are heated or not? And if so, is it a big job getting them up and running in my car which didn't come with heated seats? If not then I'll still swap them in, just looking for an answer to my question before I get my hopes up! Thanks.
  9. All lights including fog lights, indicators etc work fine. I haven't changed any lights myself personally and haven't had any work done on the car since February. Have put about 3000 miles on the clock since then with no issues.
  10. I know the title sounds kind of odd so I will try to explain the best I can. I drive a 2007 mk2 Focus, 1.6l Sport automatic petrol. I was driving around a pretty hectic, very large roundabout leaving my town leading onto a 50mph road, when I heard a banging/clattering seemingly coming from my engine bay and then something banging and bouncing off the underside of the car before smashing on the road. In my rearview mirror it appeared to be either a bulb or something glass with a round metal fitting on the end. This happened on a very busy stretch of road with 4 lanes merging into 2, literally impossible to stop there. From the sound my initial thought was that something happened to one of my headlights and it fell under the car. I stopped at a Halfords, took a look at all my lights front and back, and they are all fine and working as normal, and no obvious signs of it being anything else. No warning lights came on and there's no change to how the car is driving. I asked the Halfords assistant and he was as clueless as me. My gf suggested it could have came from the car in front but I don't think so, due to the noise of something falling/rattling through the engine bay. This happened as I was driving around a roundabout and there was a slight bump in the road, going no more than 30mph. Any ideas? Any similar experiences? Thanks, Will
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