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  1. fiesta suspension WARNING

    We got nowhere with Ford Customer service so decided to fix it ourselves. £45.00 for the spring and the cost of a Haynes manual.
  2. fiesta suspension WARNING

    I bought it December 05 (55 reg) so it is out of the 3 yr warranty now. When the first side went just over a year ago it was within the warranty. Both times they have broken in the driveway.
  3. fiesta suspension WARNING

    I am really disappointed. I thought it would have been sensible to repair both sides but Ford assured me there was no reason that the second side should go. I will try and find the e-mails etc that Ford sent me....reassuring me I didn't need to worry about the other side. Here is one from the regional director of the Ford Dealership that I bought my Fiesta from; As far as I can see this ins not a common problem, therefore there is no reason to suppose that the other spring will go, and in these circumstances Ford will not cover the replacement of another spring as a precautionary measure, so I am afraid that we cannot do that unless you agree to pay for it.
  4. fiesta suspension WARNING

    Well I took all the assurances from Ford that them repairing only the broken spring on one side was safe. I have just tried to go out and have found that the spring on the other side has now snapped. This car has still only done 18,000 miles. I expect that they are still going to tell me that there is not a batch fault and that I have just been unlucky twice. I dont know if I can face all the hassle again but I will see what response I get from them next week. Has anyone any further information that may come in usefull?
  5. fiesta suspension WARNING

    Ford aren't prepared to fix the other side as a gesture of goodwill. I have their assurance that this is not a problem they are aware of <_< I have that assurance from Ford customer service, the Ford dealer and their head office. I haven't heard from Watchdog even though I emailed them. The car is back on the road, lets hope I don't hit too many potholes and that I don't have to come back and tell you the other side has gone. Good luck to you all and if I can be of any help to you, let me know.
  6. fiesta suspension WARNING

    I spoke to customer service today and she is ringing back tomorrow re. repairing other side - I'll let you know what happens. The Ford dealer that repaired it quoted 120.00 for the other side. They are very difficult to deal with - that is for sure!
  7. fiesta suspension WARNING

    Update - I have got my car back. It hasn't cost me anything ( at first I was told I was liable for getting it into Ford for warranty repair) but just the one side has been repaired.
  8. fiesta suspension WARNING

    Mine starts the same as yours Slimfast - the last 5 digits being the engine number which is obviously different - I'll check my daughters later - yep it starts the same.
  9. fiesta suspension WARNING

    Mine starts the same as yours Slimfast - the last 5 digits being the engine number which is obviously different - I'll check my daughters later
  10. fiesta suspension WARNING

    Have just concentrated on my car for now. The regional director for the Ford dealers I use says this is not a common fault as far as he can see and there is no reason to suppose the other spring will go - so they will only do the one - I just got an e-mail from him. I will speak to customer service tomorrow, they are ringing between 10.30 and 12.30 - I'll see if they will do the other side as a gesture of good will. I got a quote from the recovery company this morning and the quote was 70.50 to take the vehicle so that in itself was worth pursuing. I'll keep you posted.
  11. fiesta suspension WARNING

    I have made some progress. I e-mailed pics and a letter to customer service. Te Ford dealer has arranged collection of my car at their expense and it has just gone off there. I won't get it back before end of week, they say. They won't be repairing both sides at the mo unless I pay for the second side but I will speak to customer service about this and hopefully will get it done as gestrure of goodwill. I will let you know. I have also e-mailed the dealers head office who will be in contact with me. I have heard all sorts of stuff that it is because there are so many potholes in the area (from the dealer) well the pot holes aren't on the drivers side are they? Had you realised that customer service staff have an allocated "call out" time of 2 hrs? Mine can only call out between 10.30am and 12.30am? (It would be too expensive to buy a trailer for ourselves by the way) Matt - i'll see if I can find the VIN
  12. fiesta suspension WARNING

    Thanks for all the tips - all points taken on board. I think my hubby wants a dolly? and tow it himself. Think he wants one to have for future use - he has a series 3 Landrover 1979 that he is always tinkering with and my son is car mad as well. Could tow it ourselves then.
  13. fiesta suspension WARNING

    I know what you mean - the local chap won't cost as much as Ford ( I know I have a warranty ) plus he is reliable. He is on holiday this week and when he gets back I will ring him and see what he says. I haven't made a final decision yet -will wait to see if Ford get back to me and for the other one to get back from holiday. Watch this space
  14. fiesta suspension WARNING

    I rang customer service yesterday who promised to ring back today but I haven't heard back. We have hit a stumbling block about me having to pay to get the car transported to them. They flatly refuse to pay for transportation or to even arrange it. I have sent them (and various Ford dealers) an e-mail of complaint with the photos attached. If I have no luck I have decided to get the repair done by my local reliable garage . I am really busy at work and will end up losing money if I spend too long on this - I also will get both sides of the springs done and we have decided to get our daughters done for the sake of safety and peace of mind. I know that I am fortunate to be able to do this. I will keep in contact and if I hear from Watchdog I will pursue this. I will make sure I get the faulty spring back as well. If any of you need support with Watchdog please let me know if I can help. I'll be back when I have more news.
  15. How did you find the Ford Owners Club?

    googled ford fiesta suspension and found you