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  1. Putting a sub in mk7 fiesta

    yeah i know im still getting used to using this website didnt realised i posted it under the focus bit LOL! thanks for your help :)
  2. Putting a sub in mk7 fiesta

    anyone know if this can be done? and if so is it difficult to do, ive also got bluetooth and voice control so think i would loose it if i was to put one in?? thanks!
  3. Should I put my P plates on? (+1 pic)

    Personally i wouldnt use P plates i think it gives other drivers an excuse to take the !Removed!.. when my friend passed she put them on her car and everyone was overtaking her and pulling out on her.. not very nice when youve just passed.. i didnt use them when i passed which im glad about even though i stalled me car a fair few times with it being a petrol when i was used to a diesel LOL! :D

    Hello All sorry i meant to right modified nationals lol havnt been on here for a while and its interesting to see what people have been saying about their fiestas and the problems! anyone noticed a ticking noise when they start their engine and have the heating/aircon on or is it just my car lol? anyways did anyone manage to go to modified nationals in peterborough on 22nd may for the weekend.. if you didnt u missed out i thought it was extremeley good not the mention all the cars that were there! especially the focus RS i have now seen two driving round my area locally and they are just the nuts..
  5. cruise control!?

    lol yeah its wicked!! specially for long journeys i just get a bit scared and quickly take it off.. but travelling upto peterborough next week so will come in use i guess!! what fiesta do u have?? :D
  6. And yet another newbie !

    good luck with your test!! once u pass u will be driving non stop ive done 1,000 miles in just over two weeks lol!
  7. cruise control!?

    Ok so maybe i was a bit nervous after getting a brand new car after passing my test.. but hey i love it!! was a bit worried putting the cruise control but its great!! gets a bit scary when your going at a constant speed but so glad ive got that option now!
  8. New Fiesta

    You have got to get one its the most sexiest car going lol!! i love mine and wouldnt change it at all!! and u must get the dress up kit as it just makes it look so much sportier!! good luck!![