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  1. Mondeo 3 Tdci 2004 Strange Problem

    Hello James. Problem solved and you were absolutely correct, the difference being the fault was mine and not the pipe. I think an explanation is needed that hopefully will be a warning to other members. Never had a diesel before so when I bought the car last October, joined this site to see exactly what was needed, amongst other things the EGR valve cleaned and blanked. Did the job successfully and fitted everything up, went for a test drive and all was ok. This was about last November. When I checked the car after your post I immediately noticed the pipe had come away from the valve. Obviously it had not been fitted correctly or tightened up sufficiently and had just blown off, took a long while though!! Big lesson there for me, no matter how tired I am, check everything again thoroughly and then do it once more. Car now runs beautifully again. Thanks. Terry.
  2. Mondeo 3 Tdci 2004 Strange Problem

    Hi Guys. Just found this excellent link for anyone who is in the same position as me... http://www.detailingnation.com/showthread.php?4536-Ford-Mondeo-TDCi-Boost-Pipe-Leak
  3. Mondeo 3 Tdci 2004 Strange Problem

    Good morning James, thanks for your early reply, I am hoping it is something like this sooner than a blown turbo. Not at all familiar with these models, are these pipes easy to get at to inspect? Is there likely to be any pics on the forum that I could look at and would it be likely that there was a noise as the pipe split? (sounded like something being thrown up off the road and hitting the engine) Sorry for the extra questions but all the cars I have had in the past were petrol models and this is my first venture into diesel. Thank you. Terry.
  4. Hi Guys! My first post here concerning the above car. Just replaced the water pump/power steering pump assembly and was on a road test. Went about 7 miles and turned back. Approached a round about leading on to a small piece of duel carriageway speed about 30 mph, went on the duel carriageway in outer lane to pass a wagon and booted it slightly to get past as another vehicle was close behind me. Turbo cut in then I heard a clonk and there was a loss of power. Car was driving fine and on all four cylinders with no warning lights or smoke from the exhaust, just a loss of acceleration. On getting home I opened the bonnet and all seemed well but I did detect a noise from just below/behind the engine, sounded like the exhaust blowing a little so I placed my hand over the tailpipe to restrict the exhaust gasses but all was fine with no extra noise, just a pressure build up as expected. Car starts as normal and idles beautifully, just the strange blowing noise from the front. Totally lost as to what to do next as I do not want to do any unnecessary stripping, hoping some of guys might have a clue as to what the problem is. Thank you all.
  5. Yes of course. Only too pleased to be of some help. Thank you.
  6. http://mechanicalee.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/ford-engine-management-fault-code.html http://www.fairfieldgarage.com/obdcodes.htm http://www.aa1car.com/trouble-codes/ford_codes_p1000-p1299.htm
  7. Hi again. My name is Terry and I live in central Staffs. Recently I purchased a Mondeo 3 TDCI 2003 which is my first diesel car ever, always having petrol fuelled cars in the past. Lovely car to drive if a little noisy on the road, but this of course may be down to the tyres fitted. However, diesels are not my "thing" and leave me a little baffled so I am hoping the good people on here can help me sort out any problems that might occur. Thank you, have a nice day.
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums wingchun :)

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