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  1. hi all, for a number of weeks now ive had a very slight hum on the left said which got louder when turning right. my suspicion was the bearing though when i had my last service the mechanic said it was nothing to worry about and probably just road noise. fast forward 6 weeks later, yesterday when i was reversing from a parking space i noticed a click when turning then as driving the noises started to become more frequent when turning, sometimes its a single knock, somethings its a series of clicks or when taking corners faster its sounds more like a crunch. today i jacked the car up to feel for play in the wheels and that both are as stiff as a board! looking through the forums seems to suggest a cv joint? my question is how can i diagnose this issue? what can i do to test the cv joint? or what else could be the issue? i can feel the crunch slightly in the steering also thanks for any replies in advance!
  2. Replacing sway bar links, wrong size!

    That explains it then! Wooops 🙈
  3. Replacing sway bar links, wrong size!

    It's a moog k80066 from the US would the US cars use different parts maybe? There not sold as for lowered cars, its marketed as a problem solver as it's more robust than stock, when I was researching I found this was mentioned in a lot of places, probably should have checked they weren't all US sites 🙈 (could anyone possibly link me to a decent pair that will fit? )
  4. I have a mk2 2006 1.6 focus, going over small potholes on the left side the car would rattle and shake for a second, I looked up online and decided to replace the sway bar links, life happened meaning they've been sitting for 3 weeks only just been taken out the package to be fitted, only to find that the new set are significantly smaller . . . Is the size important? Which new ones do I order?
  5. Wind deflectors

    I found that using a flat head screwdriver to force the clips up into the window seal did the job!
  6. Wind deflectors

    I had a set of hekos for my mk2 focus, very fiddly to fit and when there in they require some messing about so that they don't make the window bounce back! When in though they worked fine, not noticeable added wind noise. The only reason I removed mine was because I found I liked to hold my roof too much 😂
  7. bluetooth buzz with rpm

    I also found that a decent ground loop isolator fixed my issue! With only a slight lose in max volume.
  8. bluetooth buzz with rpm

    Thanks for the reply! I am waiting for a better quality Bluetooth receiver hoping that it will be able to filter the noise better, i have tried a different usb hub with no success. in the meantime im going to use a battery bank to power the Bluetooth. can you recommend a ground loop isolator?
  9. bluetooth buzz with rpm

    from further looking it seems as though it could be a bad ground, could anyone point me to a better spot near the fuse box?
  10. bluetooth buzz with rpm

    I recently got a new to me ford focus mk2. I installed a second outlet in the glove box using a piggy back fuse into the rear fogs, I used the outlet to power a Bluetooth receiver connected to the aux port in the glove box, my problem is that even disconnected from the phone, whenever the radio is set to aux there is a very noticeable high pitch whine that seems to follow the rpm...... looking through the web I see that this is probably an issue with dirty power, is there any simple fix to this issue? thanks for any help in advance!
  11. Ford Fiesta Mk6 O2 Sensor Heater Circuit P0030

    okay so ive ordered a new sensor. but just after I decided to, just on a whim, swap two of the fuse box relays (one marked for engine) and remove the codes again and surprisingly after a few restarts and a short journey it hasn't come back on. I'm not sure if it's because of the relays or just a coincidence but fingers crossed it stays off. but maybe it was because the engine was already warm and it will come back tomorrow but we will see i guess. thanks for your help guys
  12. Ford Fiesta Mk6 O2 Sensor Heater Circuit P0030

    yea i have tried clearing the fualt. i get around 10 ohms of resistance on the heater circuit ( is this too much?) and i got just over 14v on the wire to the sensor. should i just replace the sensor? or take it to a garage or ford? or any other suggestions?
  13. Ford Fiesta Mk6 O2 Sensor Heater Circuit P0030

    i think it was around 0.09 but i shall check again tommorrow.
  14. Ford Fiesta Mk6 O2 Sensor Heater Circuit P0030

    is there another fuse box in the engine compartment that im not seeing maybe?
  15. hi i have and engine light on my ford fiesta mk6 1.4 petrol. so i used an obd2 reader to find that the fault is p0030 which is the o2 sensor heater circuit in bank 1 sensor 1. i thought i needed a new sensor but i checked the resistance in the o2 sensors two white wires (not sure if correct) and there is resistance. so now im thinking its an electrical issue but im not sure what to do next as i cant find a bad fuse and i cant find a diagram for the wiring. any help would be much appreciated.