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  1. Hello, I took delivery of a MK8 Fiesta Zetec with the new 1.1L Ti-VCT engine in late September and i'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing issues with the build quality of their car? Unfortunately, there is a list of complaints with my car and i'm not best pleased with it and would love to know if any one else has had the same or similar issues. Issues reported to the dealer: Interior Front lights don't always come on first unlock (fixed with a software update) Sat-Nav looses GPS and ends up in the middle of a river (Ford are aware of the issue, but could take a couple of months for a fix) Dashboard rattles when in motion. Engine seems to be really rough to the point that the passenger side seat wobbles at idle. Dashboard and Engine issue have been reported again however nothing was brought back about the dashboard when I picked it back up from the service dept. My car has apparently had an update to control the rough idling engine which hasn't helped at all :( Hows everyone else's MK8 Fiesta treating them? It's alot better than my previous MK7.5 Studio in everyday i'll tell you that much! Jack
  2. I'm looking at doing this to my Fiesta too, which trim level Fiesta do you have? I've got a Studio and looking to fit a Sync headunit to it and wondering if it would need coding to the vehicle or anything like that or would it just go straight in?
  3. Damn, looks like next year i'll be getting a Zetec when my finance is up! Thank you all though :)
  4. This is the thing, it will play if there is media actually on the device as I've tried an iPod with media stored within the "Music" app as it looks like it scans the media library on the device then gives you the list to scroll through. But spotify doesn't run through the Music app so it can't cache the list and says no media... any ideas? My journey to work in the morning will have to be a Capital FM one! :(
  5. Hello! New owner of a 64 plate Ford Fiesta Studio here, although I love my car dearly I'm getting slightly annoyed with the stereo... Upon plugging in my iPad in to the USB port in my Fiesta it will show that there's no media on the device and will refuse to play Spotify via USB, I'd ideally like to use the controls on my steering wheel to control my music. Can this be done? I wouldn't have thought this was an issue as it wasn't an issue in a Nissan Qashqai? Any advice is always good advice! Thank you Jack :) (P.S, having a brand new car as my first car is fantastic! Couldn't resist the cheap finance offer that Evans Halshaw had on and I needed a car ;) )
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums JackAndrew1995 :)

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