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  1. Debadged looks good! Not usually a fine of it, but it looks good there!
  2. It's been a while since I've seen what you've done to your car, mate! Buttttt, it looks sweet! The eyebrows look amazing, exhaust set up looks spot on and those alloys finish the job nicely! Great stuff! Don't go spoiling it now! :P
  3. It is annoying that they aren't very easily retrofitted. I look at the price of second hand STs every now and then (a guy can dream, right...), but am a little put off that the powerfolding mirrors are rare on anything but absolute top ST-3s when my Zetec S has them! I like that the mirrors fold themselves in out of the way automatically to make them less of a target for handbags, bicycles, children, etc...
  4. Looks good, mate! I saw the colour the other day, then looked at my blue and my smile disappeared a little bit! The Candy Blue is definitely a great choice! It looks like a polish / scratch remover should get out a couple of those minor scuffs, and hopefully to do something on some of that swirling, too! My build thread is below if you wanted any ideas for simple mods :)
  5. There should be some on my thread again, mate! Cost me about a fiver from AliExpress. And maybe slightly fiddly, but easy to fit really!
  6. The other half has Philips Diamond Vision (5000k). Although some people have said they aren't very bright, I have found them to be equal to the candles she had previously! Officially not road legal, but they look white so I doubt they would attract any unwanted attention!
  7. I've got the message on my thread - I've replied there :)
  8. Hey mate. I would say it fits in really well. From memory, it fitted a little bit better under the passenger seat rather than the driver's seat, but it fits under both sides without any issue. I move my passenger seat more frequently and found that I'd rather the vibrations from the bass were under my bottom than my passenger's so I've fitted mine under the driver's seat. Absolutely no issue with moving the seat forwards or backwards, nor did I have any issue rooting the cables from the stereo and fusebox behind the glovebox across to the driver's side :)
  9. I wonder why the trip computers are always wrong. All of us report at least 10% over.. Or is it just to please those who don't actually calculate the economy (in other words, they aren't really interested in it, other than knowing that more is better!)?..
  10. LED number plate lights! And LEDs on the interior too. Chrome indicator bulbs and stickers can also be good calls without splashing too much cash! Not so cheap, I would say under-seat subwoofer! There should be a link to my mods in my signature :)
  11. A variety of smells means one smell will never get old, right? Something new will be smelt every time!
  12. ukcal


    Good thinking there with the dash can purchase! Once you have one, you'll probably feel a bit better when you drive around! When I drive the other half's Fiesta, I feel a bit nervous without my recorders front and rear keeping track of all the idiots! Although, if I am an idiot, probably best they aren't there, haha!..
  13. £16300? That's not that unreasonable, really, especially compared to the prices of some second hand ones...
  14. Fancy! They look nice! Also, my car didn't come with footwell lights, so I have wires coming down from the roof. They were split and crimped at one point, but I've actually done some soldering to the roof light now, as there is plenty of space to solder too. My issue is just that I'm crap at soldering, haha!
  15. Wow! That looks amazing. I was tempted by the Lockwood dials, but didn't fancy the challenge of taking it all apart and then back together again! Are those dials fixed colours, or adjustable?