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  1. I drive every day or two, so hopefully it won't result in that.
  2. I picked up my 2019 EcoSport from a dealership, new, six days ago. It rained last night and this morning, the brake discs look like this: Nearside Far side Is this normal? I believe it'll go away once I brake a few times but if it keeps happening each time it rains - well, it's a bit unsightly!
  3. I've had my 2019 EcoSport for five days. The first four days, each time I plugged my phone (Huawei P30 Pro) in, Android Auto appeared in the navigation bar on the head unit (car stereo) and everything worked great. However today, nothing. Tried both USB ports, two cables, restarting the phone, turning the car on/off etc. The phone starts charging and Android Auto auto-launches on the phone itself but the head unit doesn't show the Android Auto tab along the bottom. The head unit connects to the phone's Bluetooth every time without issues. The phone is running Android 9.0 and I'm using the latest Android Auto app and head unit software etc. Any ideas? EDIT: It appears MTP/Media Transfer Protocol was disabled on the phone and was set to Charging Only. I have no idea what changed that since my drive this morning (when Android Auto last worked fine) - I certainly didn't.
  4. I looked in Sound settings but not Radio - there it is! As if it's disable by default - daft. Cheers, lads.
  5. Cheers, lads. My point was that I had 9l left of the 53l tank. Considering it's telling me there are zero miles left, 17% of the tank remaining is quite a lot!
  6. Is Sync 3's DAB screen capable of display artist and title information?
  7. I bought my Ford EcoSport (2019) a few days ago. The dealership put £20 worth of fuel in it. After some time of owning it, each time I started the engine, it correctly started telling me I had limited fuel remaining (26 miles left, 22 miles left etc). I know the car has a 53l tank and, when the car told me I had an estimated 22 miles remaining, I filled it until the pump 'clicked'. 43.7l had been in it. That means that, even though the car was telling it was quite lot, it had 9.3l of the 53l in the tank! I know all cars play it safe but my question is: If I turn the car on when it's at, say, "1 mile left", I presume it still has at least another 30+ miles remaining in reality?
  8. How do I check which version of Android Auto is installed? It's a Ford EcoSport 2019.
  9. I'm not sure what version the car currently has, but it shows the following in System info: CCPU: EC216H65.8.10349_sp0.0_Product VMCU: Vector_VMCU_03.00.07 FPN: AM5T-14D544-EC ESN: CPB23112
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums King Mustard :)

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