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  1. Hi all, Back again.Well after a day of trying to sort out steering vibrations i have had 2 new tyres,found out 1 alloy is like an egg shape due to pot holes with two others possibly buckled which will go in for all four to be checked and repaired next week,finding i need the binnacle soldering due to throwing codes (The infamous dry solder!) and then after all was done told me i needed the front shock absorbers replacing as they are both leaking a lot. So far the bill has come to nearly £900 for odds and sods which has killed me but got to keep the car on the road due to poor health issues and if i lose it im in trouble. Just wondered as a ball park folks how much would you say for a pair of shock absorbers supplied and fitted ? Also the guys sorted maybe 70% of the vibration by putting the new tyres on the front and egg shaped one at back and i know buckled alloys might be an issue but would worn shocks cause any steering vibrations? Thanks so much guys , i REALLY appreciate all the comments over the past few weeks.
  2. Finally got the covers off (Thanks stoney) but an hour later go to start the car and get an engine malfunction warning.Checked the Test screen and got E200 and E197 codes so then get the battery pack out and it starts so took it for a 5 mile run and all seems ok but then checked Forscan and have P2122 , C1235 , C1234 , C1233 codes (ABS and i believe Throttle sensor codes) Getting tired on having a crap Focus 😞
  3. I need to hire you full time mate,you are a legend!
  4. Ok just went out in the rain with a better torch and saw the two but each time i push one down it flicks straght back up before i can push down and out the next one.Ill keep persevering once the rains off.As always,thanks Stoney.
  5. Thats the thing mate,i can only see one notch in there 😞
  6. Sadly the one that arrived didnt work either as it was to small.Seems many are advertising the gear knobs as being 04-11 but the MK2.5 has a bigger cut out than the MK2 so doesnt work.Looks funny enough like the German Ebay ones do seem bigger but having now sent three back i dont fancy messing about with German ones.Losing hope now and sadly not as nifty with the pliers as you are matey .
  7. Ok guys,going a bit mad on this one ! Have had a little bit of water get into the clear lens where the bulb is on the wing mirror so trying to get the cap off to remove the lens.Looked in the forum search and says about prising off in a certain area once the mirror has been lowered slightly. Have looked and looked and pushed where i can and nothing.Only thing i could see was a philips head screw just below what looks like to plastic lines (Or bottom half of an H as i thought).No matter what i do nothings happening.Any suggestions folks.....apart from getting a garage to do it?? Many thanks
  8. You will hear the cries if the same size arrives matey haha
  9. As always Stoney you are a legend.Many thanks for that but have sent it back and ordered another one which had measurements on the page this time and looks right.So fingers crossed matey 😉
  10. Hi all , Well after a couple of months of going back to my usual garage due to a vibration in the steering and being told that it was something to do with the caliper that had been replaced after the old one seized,new discs and pads on etc causing an issue (which i called them out on and left them slightly open mouthed) and them saying they will do alignment again and charged me for it i decided to take it to a tyre place today to get the car balanced.I explained the issue and asked could they have a look around to see if they can spot anything as im at a loss. I went back and the lads couldnt have been more helpful.Straight away they told me the garage was basically pulling a fast one to say the least.They said the alignment was way out and THAt WAS the cause of the vibration.I said only a few weeks ago the garage said they did the tracking although as soon as i was on the road it came back so thought it must be something else.They showed me that the drivers track rod end was seized solid and theres no sign of any fresh scratches etc and they had tried all they could to shift it with no luck.They said no ones moved that in over a year they thought.They couldnt fix it but said either need someone with a blowtorch etc to warm it and loosen it or need it replaced.To be fair id rather get it properly repaired to be honest but just wondering before i get the chance tomorrow or monday to get to a garage would anyone have a rough idea what an independent garage might roughly charge to replace a seized track rod end ? Just tired of paying and people not doing a good job for money these days.This has happened,had a rear quarter sprayed 18 months ago and laquers now broken down and needing redoing (get what you pay for!) and powder coating blowing off two alloys after being done last year late up!lol Thanks for any advice folks.....and for letting an old sod vent too 😉
  11. I ordered one of the silver ones ,went to fit it today and the gator surround dropped straight through the facia cut out!!! Really annoyed as it seems theres loads saying its for pre and post facelift dates so im puzzled as to if i should try again. Stoney,you ordered from the German page mate?
  12. Hiya Ian,many thanks for your reply mate.Thats actually the one that was getting some bad reviews that it didn't fit.Did you have any issues at all fitting it on?
  13. My gear knob is an original and is starting to show signs of wear and the leather has become rough at the edge so uncomfortable to use.I have looked on Ebat and seems the cheap one they have from China doesnt seem to fit from what the reviews say.The original Ford part is silly money so trying to look for something that will do the job thats resonably priced that will do the job and looks close enough to the original.Anyone any ideas? Thanks in advance everyone.
  14. Thats a beautyChris . If you dont mind me asking how much did that set you back?For some reason the buggers want to put my insurance up nearly £200 if i put a sports exhaust on it!I was ***** shocked and seemed a fair few companies did the same too 😞 Thanks Ian,i took the car back today and the connection where the back box meets the centre pipe hadnt been sealed (They said a couple of "holes" had come loose and needed filling....erm....yeah ok!!!) . The guy sealed and tightened it and although theres still a slight drone its certainly liveable.The trim i got they even lined up and fitted for me so im happy.......for now! Just wanted to say a huge thanks to everyone that chipped in.This forum has always been superb for me and your answers help me and many others on here so a huge pat on the back.Can you feel the love!haha