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  1. Hi all,hope everyones safe and well at this tough time. I have been taking the time to work on headlight restoration and most of the time has been a success.Sanding back my dads Peugeot headlight worked great as i use 800,1000,1500,2000 and 3000 grit wet and dry and once clouded i compound with Menzerna 300 or 400 on a wool pad then maybe up to 2500 on a blue pad and they came up nicely.Then clear coat and good to go. However today myself and nephew decided to have a crack at my Focus Mk2.5 . One thing i noticed straight off that what i thought was lacquer peel was actually on the inside in some areas not outside.But the main thing i found is that even using 600 grit wet and dry on a dril the headlight lacquer is bullet proof !!!!! Worked on it for 3 hours with 800 grit and some areas didnt scratch up at all.Id never go below 600 grit but anyone got any ideas apart from buying new ones!haha . They look better than they did so thats good but they arent perfect and thats dribing my OCD nuts haha. Thanks all , will try t take pics later.
  2. But thanks for looking mate,the part number really helped out as i couldnt find it :-)
  3. Thanks s much Chris.That number really helped.Have had to order from China as i cant believe most of the Ford part stockists on there are wanting aroung £9 for a small piece of rubber,what a rip off !!!!!!
  4. Hi all and a belated happy new year to all you Focus owners out there :-) Bit of a strange one but been hearing a lot of vibration at idle from under the bonnet . Had a look and seems to be the black top of the engine cover (the one with the single holw for the oil cap...its a zetec 1.8).I noticed only 1 of the connectors has a rubber piece on it and sure all 3 did have them originally.I have been in touch with second hand parts places and scrappy's and all want to just sell me a £30 or so cover but no place does just rubbers.Havent had a chance to go to Fords but guessing they wont sell them iniviidually. So can anyone tell me anywhere that may supply them,if not has anyone any tricks of the trade using something else so i dont get the horrible vibration? Thanks alot everyone.
  5. ah so it actually really is a pain in the backside to take off 😞 Thanks for that mate,that was the info i was after.So im guessing that part is a case of a wrap in situ.
  6. Hi Clive, Many thanks for the link and the page of links which look very helpful . However two things.Firstly i just want to lift off the silver carbon fibre looking part in your pictures,do i have to remove the full console to do so to just wrap that part ? Secondly as its a starter button and not a 12v socket does it just unclip once the trim is off and some how disconnect it somewhere? Many thanks mate
  7. Hiya Ian,many thanks for your reply. Yeah ive changed the stereo over so that part of the fascia i have managed and can remove the part with the windscreen heating buttons on.Then funny enough last week changed the gator and gear knob which was easy enough.Its just wondering about trim and how the long piece comes off and how tricky is it to remove the start button.
  8. Just to clarify i didnt want to take the whole centre console out,just the silver top cover to maybe wrap it . I have just pulled gently on it and wondered is it not just clipped onto the main console and removeable if i remove the under armrest box and the storage box nearer the gearstick ? Sorry on the road at the moment otherwise id get a pic of what i mean etc.
  9. Brilliant Clive , many thanks.I will go grab a cuppa and have a look. Lenny,i see what you did there mate! 😉
  10. The silver centre console has seen better days sadly.Have a parrot phone system that the screen holder was by the side of the stereo and i was a little messy with super glue and its messed up the fascia so need to do something with the surround to bring it back and also the centre cover coming from the centre box to the far side of the gear stick , switch surround and small flip up storage box all need doing too. Couple of questions . Firstly would you say better to get it repainted or covered with film ? Im not into carbon fibre looks etc so are there any go to films that are very close colour wise to the original colour at all ? Secondly ,i am able to get the stereo surround cover off but is there an easy way to get the small storage box out?And how doi you get the centre cover running around gear stick and handbrake out ? Is it tricky ? Many thanks everyone.
  11. Yep got the undertray off which isnt so bad and doing an oil change at the same time but i feel your pain as i wanted to get that done tonight but got my oil and filter arrive by courier at 6pm and just realised they have sent the wrong filter.So car up on jacks with no oil or water in it.....just be my luck to sleep walk and start the bloomin thing up! haha Thanks for your help tonight Stef,very much appreciated and hope you sort the brake hose sharpish.
  12. Yeah hence why im doing it myself as i dont have a spare kidney to sell on ebay for it 😉 Cheers Stef.
  13. Cheers Stef,i know its pretty easy but the guides keep saying leave overnight which will be to long but on the other hand i obviously dont want to pour cold water in to a hot cooling system.
  14. Hi all, About to do my first coolant flush and very busy over next few days so want to do a coolant flush and change.A few folk flush through 2-3 times but i want to try and get that all done in a day.I just wondered if i leave the endine to cool how long is it before i can pour cold water safely into the reservoir that it wont damage radiator etc. Would 2-3 hours be ok? Cheers folks, Jon
  15. Fantastic Alan !!!!! Thats brilliant news,bet you were really happy on the test drive :-) Thanks very much for coming back and letting me know.Its something for me to have a look at for sure. Thanks again mate and enjoy your non shaking driving ;-)