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  1. Flat Battery

    Hi All, problem is solved so I am told by one switched on Tech at Ford who explained why my new battery ( 2016) was not able to cope with an S Max. Did any one know that when you change a Ford vehicle battery you can only fit a FORD battery Specific to that vehicle. REASON :- On the negative post connector of the battery there is a voltage detector unit so you must fit a Ford 1/1863097 Battery ( Ford S Max Titanium S, 2.0 Litre TDI in my case). So if the battery is not showing a full charge this unit on the negative terminal tells the vehicle computer that you have a low or flat battery and tell the computer to not allow the vehicle to start. It can also throw up spurious faults and other warnings, as in my case with the brake light.
  2. Flat Battery

    Hi , it's back again, just over one year and the same fault, yet agin the ford garage said it's the battery, NOT THIS TIME!!!So I have reset the computer as told by the garage and guess what !!! the Light doesn't go out, now I sit and wait untill 14 June for the ford agents to look at it again (thank goodness for extended ford warranty). I have been informed that it's all to do with the control module, so now I have to get them to change that, but most likely all they will do is re-boot the computer, and say it's fixed, and no doubt it will be fine for 15 months and be back again, well that will take it out of warranty. Rant over, will keep you posted.
  3. New S-Max 2010 Owner - Battery Question

    Hi, I have had a similar problem on my Titanium 'S' 2.0 tdi , it went back to the dealers several times, they eventually re-set the computer and checked all the management relays and all was fine for a couple of weeks then it started again, so I bit the bullit and got a new battery, all was fine for a few days then the low battery light came on again, to cut a long story short change the battery in the KEY FOB, problem has gone away. By the way the car battery when check by an independant battery shop showed a faulty cell.
  4. Non-permanent live feeds in fuse box

    Hi, it all depends on the type of camera you have, my camera can be programed to operate under various vehicle movements , it also has a unit that detects battery voltage and when it drops to 12.4 volts the power to the camera is automatically switched off, mine is wired to a perminantly live fuze down on the right, but stays on unti about 10 seconds after you have locked the vehicle, and come on when you unlock the car or when the vehicle is rocked or moved when you are away from the vehicle.
  5. Flat Battery

    Hi guy's it's been fixed the onboard computer was re-booted by the garage and the problem has gone away, for how long I have no idea. I was also shown how to re-boot the computer. 'You start and stop the motor 4 times in quick succession', this apparently re sets the onboard computer.
  6. Flat Battery

    Hi, I have been leaving the electronic handbrake of over night and even for 2 to 3 days with no battery problems. I have had it back to the ford agent, they have plugged it into the computer and it shows up as no fault found. The problem is the fault is intermitant, and as the brake warning light has a delay of 5 to 10 minutes before going out, I feel that it has to be a relay or micro switch.
  7. Hi, when I leave the electronic handbrake off over night  or even 2 to 3 days there is no problem. The thing is when it goes back to Ford and they plug into the computer it shows up as no fault found.

  8. Flat Battery

    Hi, I have an intermitant problem, WhenI leave the car parked with electronic handbrake 'ON' the brake waring light stays perminantly ON. Normaly it should stay on for about 5 minutes after locking vehicle. Mine stays on and flattens the battery, the garage keeps telling me its a battery fault, have replaced bettery but fault still occurs. Anyone got any ideas!!!!
  9. Warning Light

    Hi, my s max when locked the hand brake warning light stays on and a red flashing light has appeared in the center of the top row of warning lights. the hand book doesn't show this warning light. also I now have a 'Low battery' warning when turning vehicle on. Has anyone any ideas?
  10. Multi Stack Cd Unit

    Hi, has anyone got any info on fitting different multi stack CD unit. i have a Pioneer multy stack and am hoping to marry it upto the sony head unit. Ricardo48
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums Ricardo48 :)

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