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  1. Hi, the static cornering lights on my 2015 titanium X only worked when the headlight switch was in the ‘auto’ position.
  2. Hi, I have been trying to buy a Dessert Island Blue paint stick and have had no joy with my local dealer who could not find the colour on the computer system. So ended up contacting Ford customer service, who for once have been helpful. Should be available in September.
  3. Hi, any other Mk4 focus owners having problems with keyless double locking? Single locking is fine when touching the sensor on the door handle and double locking using the key fob is fine. Very rarely does double keyless locking work. Handle and sensor are clean and I am using the sensor as the instruction manual says. I have also tried different handles. Thanks
  4. Product looks completely genuine to me, has holograms and seals
  5. I think the change was because they wanted more interior space which necessitated a change in windscreen shape and Mk3 wiper style would not work
  6. Just ordered castrol professional magnatec from Parkes Motor Group Glasgow via eBay. £25 for 5 litres free delivery. Very fast delivery
  7. Hi, I think the service interval is 3 yearly and the best done by dealer as new oil has to be pumped through. Gearbox oil filter also needs changing at the same time. Likely to cost around £200 at the dealer
  8. Hi, have you tried playing music via bluetooth? I play music using a memory stick and that remembers the last track played.
  9. had the software update done yesterday, just over an hour
  10. Hi, by chance I checked the Ford Etis site and found that my 2105 Focus is subject to a Ford recall for software update. On searching the internet only 1.0l and 1.6l engines with 6 speed gearboxes where listed as subject to recall. Having spoken to my Ford dealer they have confirmed that my 1.5l is subject to recall. Ford customer services were less than useless advising me to check the Etis site and could not tell me why I have not received anything in writing from Ford. Which is concerning as this potential fault can potentially cause clutch failure and a fire. Probably worth checking if you have a Focus with a 6 speed gearbox
  11. I think the navigation/mapping data is on a data memory card which is accessed behind the silver panel surrounding the on/off/volume botton
  12. Hi, I have received my confirmation email for booking club stand tickets, but nothing since. Do they email out any additional tickets/passes, the original email implies they do? First time attending so just wanted to check. Thanks
  13. Hi, the Ford roof bars are made by Thule. I have Ford roof bars for my Focus estate. They are not quite as snazzy as the latest Thule, but are a good fit and good quality.