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  1. Just keep the air conditioning on all the time, best for the a/c also
  2. Had new bolt fitted this morning only took 30 minutes
  3. Presuming wiring harness has been inspected and is okay as the only part they said needed for the work was the replacement bolt
  4. Received a call today the bolt has arrived, not bad as supposedly on back order, having bolt replaced next Saturday should only be an hour to change
  5. I dropped the car off at 8.00am and they phoned me at 10.30am to let me know I could pick up my car
  6. My local dealer has inspected my Focus today and they tell me it requires a new bolt, as above, which are on back order from Ford. Hopefully will be available in August
  7. I have had software update done today took about 30 minutes
  8. 2344826 is the Ford part number for roof bars for active model, from the Ford accessories catalogue
  9. You should have auto high beam, light switch needs to be in the ‘auto’ position and auto high beam active in the options menu
  10. Hi, main fuses are accessed behind the carpet passenger footwell, should be in the handbook
  11. Yes I have sport mode and I am very impressed with 1.5 3 cylinder engine, particularly in sport mode. Generally finding mk4 titanium x much quieter than my mk3.5 and better to drive.
  12. Hi, my driving is mainly town and I use normal mode, according to the car computer I am getting 39 mpg from my 150 bhp auto, I the real mpg is closer to 35.
  13. Hi, the static cornering lights on my 2015 titanium X only worked when the headlight switch was in the ‘auto’ position.
  14. Hi, I have been trying to buy a Dessert Island Blue paint stick and have had no joy with my local dealer who could not find the colour on the computer system. So ended up contacting Ford customer service, who for once have been helpful. Should be available in September.