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  1. Fiesta mkIV Endura E running poor

    Hi, Many thanks for that; will try one and post results of how I get on! Cheers again, ;)
  2. Fiesta mkIV Endura E running poor

    Hi, Have checked it now and it's just REALLy sluggish. Have checked all the spark plugs and No2 is crappy! All others are perfect. Changed the leads and still the same. Checked the spark to all plugs and all have cracking sparks except No2 which is a wimpy effort! Q. Will this be the problem and therefore is it the coil??? Have checked the plug on No2 and it is getting fuel like the other cylinders. Cheers,
  3. Fiesta mkIV Endura E running poor

    Hi, Thanks for the reply and advice; The water and oil both like like oil and water without anything else in there - nothing like Baileys Cream (thats in the bottle in the cupboard!) Will try the 3rd gear at 30mph and see what happens. Re the service; this was done about 4 months ago - new plugs, oil, filters etc and the valves adjusted to the info from these forums! It's done about 85,000 miles. Our son has it at the moment and has said that it 'seems' to have got better? <_< Unlikely i think, but does this help in identifying the fault? Hope to hear from you and aoplogies for the delay in reading your message; my p.c. was throwing a wobbler but all ok now! Thanks again, Steve
  4. Hi y'all, Q. any one come across a fiesta endura E multipont efi that runs poor? <_< Idles a bit rough, almost like on 3 cylinders and struggles to get over 55mph! I know it's not a rocket machine but it used to do that speed easy! Have checked plugs and they are all ok. (When we bought it it had a similar problem and two plugs needed changing as the ends were goosed! I t ran fine that time) It revs quite easy off load but doesn't want to pull and when you drop the acclerator off, the engine speed 'often' drops and occasionally stalls? Any help, advice would be much appreciated! Happy Xmas everyone, especially those that solve my conundrum! Steve
  5. Sorry, should have said, yes, they are captive nuts and the bolts came out easy for a 12 year old car! The strut I refer to is the top of the suspension where it comes into the engine bay area directly above the wheels - usually has a black cover cap on it? I was able to hold the top of this and move it sideways in its locating hole, making a clonking noise which I don't think is quite right?! I've tightened it up and all is so much better now! :P No noise at all; except for a slight rub in the rear arch when going down a roller coaster road, ie undulating rather than bumpy - might be something to do with the tyres; 185/65/R14? Can't see any evidence of rubbing anywhere though; any clues?
  6. Cheers, Managed to change them on saturday - undid the front two bolts of the bracket, removed them and managed to bend (slightly) the holding bracket up enough to slide the bushes out sideways and the new ones in! Quite a lot of effort needed to push the new ones in, but with a bit of water to help slide them along the bar and under the bracket they went in. A few scrapes on knuckles from being a bit ambitious but all ok and saved having to drop the front subframe! Thanks again and hope this helps anyone else contemplating the same. p.s. whilst I was there in noticed the top of the strut was loose and moving within the mounting turret? I take it the strut is supoosed to be tight with the rubbers gripping the top of the turret?? Cheers,
  7. Thanks, Phew, why do they make them so difficult to get to?!!! My spitfire (other car) is right at the front with acres of room around them! I'll do exactly as you say ie axle stands etc making particularly sure i DON'T take those subframe bolts out!!! Any idea how long the thread is before they drop out? Hopefully i'll have enough room to get the bolts out - i've spayed them with WD as they look as though they've been there for 'a while' ie the car is a 97' so i guess they're original ones. Thanks again bud, and all the best. :D
  8. Cheers Bud, much appreciated - I can do most things mechanically, but don't really relish dismantling 1/2 the car to change two bushes! Look forward to your next reply. Cheers, :)
  9. Yes, sorry, I would normally have said they're the antiroll bar bushes - been reading too much of the FORD manual (CD) as that's what they call them! They're sitting just on top of a lower crossmember(?) just under the steering rack near the rear of the engine bay. The ford CD i have say's you need to remove almost all the lower suspension to get to them so i'm hoping they're bolts in captive nuts, or if nut and bolt, then at least easy enough to get to the nuts on the underside! Cheers, ;)
  10. Have identified a 'noise' coming from the front wheels when going over bumps - l have looked underneath and it appears to be from the stabiliser bushes as there is play between these bushes and the bar when the car is rocked sideways. Q1. Does anyone know if these are bolted in with captive nuts or are they 'nut and bolt'? Q2. If they're nut and bolt, is there an easy way to change them without resorting to removing half the front of the car?!!! Cheers, :(