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  1. Mobile speed camera

    Anyone help with this, driving today and noticed a mobile speed van parked on the opposite side of the road with the rear doors facing towards me. Will that have been checking traffic on my side of the road or the opposite side. I was under the impression they tracked cars from the rear as they move away from them but I'm not 100 percent sure. Slightly worried as I was doing a little over the limit when I realised the van was there and looked at the dash.
  2. possible clutch problem?

    found this, more or less identical although mine doesn't seem to make the noise for such a long period as that
  3. possible clutch problem?

    just the last month or so, I've had the car for just over 3 years
  4. possible clutch problem?

    I've got a 2010 zetec S 1.6, every now and then I get a kind of humming sound when reversing using only the clutch, but no noise if I use the accelerator with the clutch, the noise is only in reverse. I've tested to see if the clutch is slipping which it isn't. can anyone help?
  5. brakes

    can't say I've inspected It, but surely any piston issue would lead to either a seized piston or the car pulling to the side when braking? I'm really inclined to think that something is causing the grease to wear away, new grease = no squeal , but only for a limited amount of time. to me if it was anything other than that the brakes would have carried on squealing regardless of the grease being 're applied
  6. brakes

    had brakes stripped down , cleaned and 're greased yesterday morning, the noise went away, until today, back to the same again. one of the pads was dry and full of brake dust where it fits into place, is their a reason why it wouldn't be getting through the grease and drying out causing the noise? or could it be another issue?
  7. brakes

    having them cleaned etc on Saturday, would this grease from euro car parts be suitable . http://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/p/car-accessories/car-maintenance-accessories/maintenance-fluids-and-greases/grease/?526770250&0&cc5_150&gclid=CjwKCAjw0qLOBRBUEiwAMG5xMFC_nMcAQ7B7Bjl_VmIzpJr-XpjlWU4jKEY7uL7xDbuqEhQD6kRnuxoC59kQAvD_BwE looks good to me as it would be applied to slides aswell as back of pads , where as copper grease can't be applied to sliders can it?
  8. brakes

    thanks mate what do you do with the drums?
  9. brakes

    maybe,but, why would the noise stop for 800 miles after having the front discs and pads changed if it was the rear? doesn't make sense. I think I'll go with having the front brakes cleaned and greased at the weekend.both sides just to make sure. if that fails I know quick fit do a full brake check where everything is stripped down and inspected for faults, discs,pads, drums,piston etc, for £25 , would that be worth doing?
  10. Air Con Issue, Not working

    had the same on my mk2.5,air con packed in 3 days after a regard, really strange thing, little came out when I pressed myself thought I'd got a massive leak, took the car to another garage 2 months ago for them to do a leak test and regass, found no leak, found there to still be gas in the system although not full (1 year after 1st regass) so they refilled the system and it's been fine ever since. leak test and re-gas cost £45 inc vat from a local independent garage.
  11. brakes

    just tried the handbrake, 3rd click it still squeaked, 4th click got alot quieter squeak
  12. brakes

    ive 100 percent got it down to which side of the car it is, frobt or rear seems harder to get though. the squeaking isn't all the way through braking so it would be hard to test like that? once I've pressed the brakes hard enough to get from 30mph to 20mph the squeal has gone? I get what you're saying about dirt though, I ran water through the gap in the rear drums around a hour and half ago, lots of gritty looking prices were sat inside the alloy afterwards.
  13. brakes

    noticed driving home from work that after a hard stop, the squeak goes or quietens down alot, but only for the next 5 or 6 stops, very weird. also I'm 75 percent sure it's front drivers, 25 rear drivers
  14. brakes

    not 100 percent sure but from driving w8th the windows down it does sound like the drivers front, not 100 percent as it seems weird to have the same problem with 2 sets of brakes and 2 different people fitting them , that they both could miss something. makes me slightly think in the back of my mind it could possibly be the drum. are copper grease and copper ease the same product? are there any other products and recommended brands? I'm going to supply the person doing it for me the products so I know they've been used .
  15. brakes

    thanks for replying , I replaced discs and pads, ferodo pads and brake engineering discs, middle of the road stuff. the calipers aren't painted. the squeaking is defiantly the drivers side this time (it was passenger the first set of brakes I had done) sounds like the front , can't imagine it to be the back as it's drum brake on the rear. my father in laws friend fitted the brakes for me, I could see he's defiantly used copper grease on the back of the pads, not sure about the sliders etc, but I didn't have a problem for the first 800 miles that's what is confusing me. surely if he's have not greased something they'd have squeaked straight away?