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  1. Hi guys my floor carpet/carpet/plastic thing has torn open quite bad in driver footwell on my transit connect 2008. is there anywhere I can buy this part cheaply. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi. Not sure if it's been there all along. But I don't think in was. Not certain tho. It's on the lower part of sill where you get the odd scuff from your shoes, amd when the doors closef ypu camt see it. it's further towards the front of car tho I would say about 3 inches away from the middle of sill of drivers door.
  3. Anyone know what this is. It looks like rust but no broken paint it's on the sill of my mums 66 plate fiesta
  4. Do u need to notify insurance company when changing to led tail lights?
  5. Fast car but looks horrendous
  6. Roof spoiler, tinted windows. Side skirts, front lip. Rear valance, back box with twin exhaust. Window wind deflectors, that's all I can fink of for visual
  7. Grey I think looks the best in my opinion. Black is to dark, white is to light.dark silver or light grey I would go for. But the main thing is that u pick the colour u like
  8. Ah one of my pet hates jacking points I now leave a hockey pic in my boot with a cut in it just in case I have to go tyre shop. In my eyes nothing worse than a chewed up jacking point.. as for the op there don't seem to be no damage in ur photo so I think ur good
  9. Thanks iantt that's what I'll do. Cheers mate