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  1. Happy Birthday fezza57!

  2. Car Alarms

    hi guys, just wondering if anyone can recomend a good car alarm to get installed into my car, i got my car broken into last nite and they took alot of items, just wana get a alarm fitted now so thisdoesnt happen again, i have ae 08 registard car so i did presume it had a factory fitted 1, obviously not thanks
  3. Central Locking

    i seem to remember as 2 of my mates bought the pre face lift mk6 and the choices then was you either got central locking or air con, im not sure if this is of any use but im sure that you shouldve got 2 sets of keys
  4. do they just do the mountune upgrade for the new fiesta or do they do it for the mk 6 facelift, think it looks stunning,
  5. Hi all im new to the site, looked through alot of the topics now and there is alot of interesting and usefull stuff on this site, one thing that i am wanting to do is change my headlights to my car to the bright (but legal) ones, does any one know of a good place to get these from? thanks