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  1. Newbie questions!

    I get 43 MPG and do about 75~80 on the motorway...
  2. Newbie questions!

    MK 6.5 (face lift of MK 6) or MK 6 Changed in 52/03 plate to MK 6 and then again i believe 05/55 plate, someone may be able to give you exact dates... MK 7 is the new current one... If its the same duratec engine thats in the new fiestas i am VERY impressed with it. (Done over 20k miles already and no problems at all)
  3. My BT has stopped working

    if its a Sony Ericsson i have the same problem every now and then... its simple disable bluetooth on ur phone, and debond it in ur car. cycle ignition and then repair... it gets it some stupid loop occassionally where the buttons dont even work the radio, ie the on/off button dont respond after an ignition cycle it sould revive... sometimes have to get out the car lock it and then unlock it etc... :$ silly i know but it works for me...
  4. Mk7 boot wheel well "tidy"

    what size wheels you got? i may be interested in buying it lol spent the last few days trying to get a new alloy Trust me it aint quick! and my cars off the road till i get one, will never buy a car without a spare again!!! PS: ill get some photos later for you... i need the camera ot take photos of the pot hole that destroyed my wheel lol so wont be any bother...
  5. cool thankyou for that site... ive got photos of the wheel etc.. and as it snowed here the hole is covered up. so will take a walk when it clears a bit... the council are sending me a form, i will be chasing it to the end... So far £120 for the wheel from ford... Collect about 2pm today then another £75 for a Avon tyre!.. Changing the other tyre too so another £75, im hoping thats where it stops... Ford wanted £110 for a Continentil Tyre so went to a local Tyre company... well keep you posted, i have the 16" sculpture wheels BTW. Cant get a spare no 16" spare wheel was made and nor was they made on the old fiestas either... :( checked...
  6. thankyou, i managed to go through a pot hole, i had no choice either because traffic was coming the other way and ive managed to squash one of the round bits between the spokes into a flat. Tyres need replacing anyway so... Any ideas of cost, will contact ford tomorrow dreading the price though... it was the 16" ones i believe... the one up from the standard titanium ones.
  7. heya, i have managed to ruin one of my wheels in a pot hole, i remember reading somewhere you can use a MK 6 or MK 6.5 steel wheel. Obviously as its the new fiesta i dont have a spare wheel just a tyre destroyer kit. Can someone pleaase confirm what other steel wheel i can use for the time being whilst im waiting for the new one to arrive. etc... Many Thanks Martyn
  8. Headlight Bulbs blowing on MK7 Fiesta

    sorry but bump... i need to order these ASAP.
  9. Tiny USB stick for Fiesta

    exactly the same as i did other than a little differnce, mine is mounted in the little pull down box next to the steering wheel on the door side below the light switch :), really recommend it, also any file which is not MP3 convert it to Mp3 using most programs for free... if your going to do it, buy a decent portable hard drive as other the enclosures break easily through vibration...
  10. Get her today! Pictures...

    really miss the chrome, thing it looks boring without it... id rather pimp up a titanium to look like a Zetec S then have a Zetec S if i was going to buy one... the ST is coming soon, so thats when i think ill place my order for a performance car rather than my boring titanium lol :)... (Inside information that ST's due in jan 2010)....
  11. Tiny USB stick for Fiesta

    the ipod in that fiesta is sh*t, absolute rubbish, the cable you have to buy doesnt work properly and always falls out the audio jack and the design off the cable makes it not sit properly in the cup holders, personally i use a USB harddrive and have run the cable discreetly using a right angle usb cable out of the socket, i currently have a 500GB hard drive in my car using USB, control it all using steering wheel contorls, if you dont know if you use M button it changes the folder :) on mine... same as the scan function does too... why would you need an ipod when the usb hard drive doesnt need Itunes, so easy with just drag and drop....
  12. Headlight Bulbs blowing on MK7 Fiesta

    please can you send links... sorry if i am a pain, i dont have a clue and will give them to someone else to put in :P
  13. Headlight Bulbs blowing on MK7 Fiesta

    how many you used so far and does it come under warrenty, how much should i expect to pay for blue tint ones? do they come singly or pair? thanks
  14. heya, My passenger headlight has blown at 18K miles, 10 months old, has any one ese had similar problems? (side lights and main beam work fine). 1/ Is it under warrenty surely it should last more than 10 months! 2/ a, If not, what bulbs do i need? i want the blue tinted ones, i think Philips make them b, How do you change them, i have no idea about cars which is why i buy new ones Sorry if its been asked before, but i wanna know if this is another 'Common' Problem...
  15. Calling all Mk7 chrome whores....

    anyone got them on their car?