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  1. Ford Focus Mk2 Common Problems Thread

    Hi, recently I bought SonyCD stereo for my 2006 focus. I know it can play mp3s from cd disc (not audio cd). Tried to copy my songs in a new cd-rw, but when i put disc in the stereo it says "Check cd" what am I doing wrong? Is there any special way to burn songs to cd? Thanks :)
  2. Difference between speakers

    Hello, today at my local scrapyard I found speaker like this https://www.megaparts.eu/en/product/1077502697 , my 2006 focus has different ones like this: https://www.megaparts.eu/en/product/1256576415 What is the difference between those speakers, and which one is better? thanks :)
  3. Ford Focus Mk2 Common Problems Thread

    Hello, is it possible to change screen (plastic glass) for focusmk2 instrument cluster? I bought one from scrapyard, and glass is scratched badly :( I could change whole cluster cover (that thingy with holes for clocks and trip computer), but problem is that my old cluster has different shape trip computer hole, so it does not fit, so I would like to change glass only... thanks in advance :)
  4. Bannko, please pm me with info about satnav fit! thanks :)
  5. hi, I'm thinking about rear drums conversion to discs. Today I bought second handed calipers and noticed that they have writen numbers "280". Does that mean I need 280mm discs? thanks :)
  6. Hello, does the mk1 focus rear disc brakes fit to mk2 focus? Maybe someone tried to fit them? thanks in advance :)
  7. Ford Focus Mk2 Common Problems Thread

    Focus mk2. Rear right side speaker is not working.. I double checked speaker wire with multimeter, also checked the speaker and everything is ok. I think it could be stereo fault? Is it possible? Maybe someone have faced this problem? Any help would be very appreciated :) btw radio is 6000cd. Thanks.
  8. retrofitting esp

    Hello, is it possible to retrofit esp to focus mk2? If so, what parts do I need? Thanks :)
  9. shaking steering wheel

    Update. Problem is still here... I discovered that when I lift car's left side on jack, put car in 4th or 5th gear and release the clutch(when engine is running)) car starts to shake and vibrate... there's nothing similar when right car side is lifted.
  10. Hi, my 2006 Focus mk2 doesn't have an esp, but when I turn ignition on esp light sometimes shows up. What does that mean?
  11. shaking steering wheel

    Thanks, but the nuts are already tighten up :(
  12. shaking steering wheel

    well I called them silentblocks :D http://www.focusrsparts.co.uk/front-lower-arm-bushing-rear/big-rubber-2pc/prod_2292.html do you mean these things? :)
  13. shaking steering wheel

    Tyres made by goodyear, bought new from store year ago. I tried to change wheels, but it doesnt make any changes..
  14. shaking steering wheel

    Hi, recently I got a serious issue with my 2006 focus. My steering wheel started to shake a bit when driving at 100kph (60mph), but when it comes to braking it is a disaster, steering wheel is shaking very bad. I was trying to solve this problem by balancing my wheels, changing drake discs and pads, both front shock absorbers, silentblocks... but it didn't help.. so I was wondering maybe someone had this problem or have any ideas to solve it? Thanks in advance :)
  15. window switch

    Hi, I got 2006 focus, and I'm annoyed by the electric window switch, because I need to hold the button until the window closes. How do I get them to close automatically, just from one button push? Do I need to find another switch? Thanks