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  1. thanks jasmeet, yes iv cleaned inlet and outlet pipe and intercooler has been washed out (they were dripping in oil) iv done about 60 miles since, not sure if geting better or not it seems to struggle at 2000rpm , very juddery , sometimes shaking the car nobody seems to know the symptoms of a bent conrod or bent valve (thats what garage said it could be) it idles over ok and is notbad upto 2000 rpm and over 2400 rpm one day it stalled, then when i started it , i got tons of smoke out of exh so i parked up for the night and iv not had any smoke like that since
  2. tdci clatter on start up.

    Hi mate, exactly same car as mine,tdci 115ps 03 model mine sounded pretty smooth and no noticable clatter till turbo blew 3 weeks ago cheers
  3. Hi posted earlier about a blown turbo, The thing is - Would the car idle over ok and rev ok when parked up if a valve was bent or a conrod bent ? would it be struggling all the time and not just when driving ? and is there a test i can do , such as compression testing ? thanks also - if a valve was bent how easy is it to change a valve ? once i have the head off (im fine with taking head off) i did work at a garage for a couple of years and remembed grinding a valve in with the paste and stick
  4. oh right , thanks mate, will it eventually burn out or will i need to remove / replace ? thanks for replys
  5. yes mate, lost about 1 to 2 litres out of exhaust when it happened , but ithought they didnt have a CAT diesles ?
  6. Hi everyone, my turbo blew on the motorway and as i pulled up the engine reved at full till i stalled it to stop it. Iv had a new turbo fitted but there is still a major problem The garage says it could be a bent valve or con rod due to the oil been forced in engine, but they need to investigate. The car drives but wen pressing accellerator the engine vibrates and is slowish to pik up, but when u just hold pedal steady doing 2000 to 3000 revs the car feels fine and cruises along, its just when you press the pedal. It surges and struggles The garage cleaned the intercooler, inlet manifold twice. The car starts fine and idle`s ok ish, maybe a little iratic, and revs ok with no noises from engine.There are also no warning lights/codes When the car get warm u get a few drops of oil coming out of exhaust and a bit of smoke off this, so there is still oil in sytem. My next plan is to remove intercooler and try and drain oil a bit more if theres any in.Iv also added some fuel system treetment. ALSO iv removed the EGR valve , iv been told i need to clean this ? how do i do this ? is it the halam key socket on the valve ? ANY IDEAS on what it could be, and does anybody think it could be the valve / conrod ? when it is fine when idleing What would be the best way to clean the intercooler ? Thanks in advance for reading