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  1. Looks like a lovely spec that. Enjoy
  2. It does work but painfully slow and never really used that. That said I don't use the voice command stuff in the Sync 3 cars me and Mrs have atm either.
  3. Hi Trevor, I have booked my ford fair tickets today however sadly cannot display my vehicle this year - my two little ones are coming and you can never tell what time you will have to shoot off! I will be sure to come over to the stand and hopefully meet some of you wonderful people though! 🙂 Do you know if I can still gain access to the event early as I did not purchase a vehicle pass or is it just a case of using the main gate at usual opening time? Thanks Ross
  4. Same size it says on the tyre. 🙂 I would assume 17 or 18 inch based on picture and tyre.
  5. Yeah no signature for me to see but I found it. You've done loads and a brilliant job by all accounts 🙂
  6. Brilliant thread Phil. What a difference the sync 2 screen makes. I love the gear knob also
  7. Thanks Phil. Can you tag the thread or explain how I get to it please.
  8. I plan to get some gel overlays at Ford fair also 🙂
  9. Hi All. So I did comment into the new members section. I used to be on here a lot a few years back but left when I get rid of my Stealth Grey Focus ST. Last week I collected my new car. Frozen White ST3 with Style Pack, Rear Camera and Heated Steering Wheel. As a privilege member I have spent the last 7 years never keeping a car longer than 9 months but with new Focus coming I plan to keep this long term and do a few subtle modifications. So far I have fitted a front splitter, upgraded some security and hard wired the dash camera. It would be fantastic if you could give me some ideas for further modifications. Anyone know if you can retro fit the door edge guards that Ford offer?
  10. Does anybody know what the deadline is for ordering through the club please
  11. I'll be coming 🙂 Will be good to meet some members this time. Last time I couldn't find anybody haha
  12. Hi All Thought I would put a post here. It's been a long time since I have been active. We have a Fiesta 1.0 St-Line 125PS (picture below and driven by the MRS) and last week I have ordered myself a Fcous ST3 in Frozen White which will be collected within the next couple of weeks. I let the Stealth one I had go at the back end of 2015 to buy a house and have missed it ever since.
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