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  1. freedomfries

    Me and my Falcon Futura

    I am a kiwi. the car has been a family car for the past ten years or so but might do something more with it then let you know.
  2. freedomfries

    Me and my Falcon Futura

    hi my name is evan, I am a new zealander and I drive a 2004 ford falcon futura wagon in a silver. the car was bought in 2005 so only at a year old and still gives very good first impressions in my opinion when on the road about to park for example. at that time, the vehicle had only done just over 20,000km but now it is up to about 75,000km. the futura is like the ghia of the ford falcon range at that time and will be somewhat obsolete as ford stopped producing these cars over five years ago as they decided to move on to the ford territory suv and now more recently the ford Everest.
  3. my ford futura ba wagon would be awesome if it had these particular factory alloys i am after. they are typically off a holden adventra, 2006. i have tried to search for a picture of them in the past but no luck. most of the wheel is covered over with metal they are very suitable for a wagon they give more like a cartwheel impression. this will only appeal to australian and new zealand users as the holden adventra and ford futura wagons are an australiasian car.
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