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  1. road lights on all the time

    Had the same issue on mine when I first got it. It's a programmable option. The first dealer said they always stay on now due to European laws requiring running lights, the second dealer said that's a load of rubbish and re-programmed them to work as they should. Hope that helps. Imran
  2. Shuddering during hill starts Auto

    Just been told by the dealership that the they have ordered a clutch plate. Has anybody seen that before at 25,000 mils on a diesel auto. Sounds utterly bizarre to me but it is covered under the warranty.
  3. Hi I have a 64 plate Galaxy TDCi 2.0 Auto. Its got 25,000 on the clock and fully up to date with the servicing with Ford. During the last few weeks is developed a shudder when moving off if there is a slight incline in the road or a hill. In only happens I would say from going to 0-5 miles an hour and is worse when you have a few people in the car. It doesn't happen at all after that, just when moving off. Its a bit like when you let the clutch up too quickly on a manual and it jerks a little but obviously mine is an Auto. Any ideas? Imran
  4. Air Conditioning

    Hi All I have a 64 plate Galaxy, had it since new and it's still in warranty. Its done 23K miles and serviced regularly. I noticed the Air Conditioning is not as cold as it should be the other day. I did use a new 2amp phone charger in it the day I noticed the Air Con wasn't working well Maybe that's done something to the electrics... It's booked in for a check up in a few days with my local Ford Garage. Does anyone have any ideas what it could be. I guess normally you would expect a gas recharge or a leak somewhere but is that reasonable given the vehicle's age/mileage? Do you think it will be covered under warranty etc? Thanks for any ideas.
  5. Rattle N/s B-pillar On 2014 Galaxy

    I noticed this rattling sound while back in my 2014 Titanium, it was being caused by the central seat belt that drops down from the ceiling for the middle passenger. I "fixed it" by either releasing the belt or adjusting the slide position of the seat slightly.I think the big black buckle vibrates on the plastics in certain positions when you go over bumps. Hope this helps someone. Imran
  6. Hi My 2 rear windows have started rattling in the last few months. It started off on one side and now its on the other as well. If you put the window down slightly, you hear it every time you go over a slight bump. If the windows are shut, you don't hear it, but you do when you close the doors. Its with the Ford dealership at the moment and they reckon its normal because they checked another Galaxy as well. I know for fact it only started a few months ago. Any ideas what it could be? Imran
  7. I finally found time to take this into the dealer ( a different one from the one I bought it from (Hounslow) and they simply reprogrammed it and it now works as you would expect it to. The tech at the Hounslow garage told me they were supposed to be on all the time, whereas the Alperton guys said that's nonsense.
  8. Hi All I have a shiny new Gord Galaxy Titanium Edition 2014. I have noticed that the front and rear headlamps always stay on when the ignition is on. It is supposed to have auto sensing headlights when is where the knob is set to. Even if I move the knob to manual "0" position, the lights still stay on. ( The dash lights go off in the position). I took it back to the dealer and was told those are the running lights but that sounds like nonsense to me. Anybody know if he's right, will I always have to drive around with my lights on? (and let me clear, they are not the small types of running lights, it is the main headlamps were talking about). There are loads of Galaxys on the road but I have not seen any with headlamps on during the day on any of them. Hope someone can shed some light (sorry, couldn't resist) Imran
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums veridion :)

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