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  1. Zetec Blue First Impressions

    Yeah I like it. Nice to drive and easy to use. Good fuel economy! I havent been low on petrol, I always keep half a tank at least in the car. Not sure why the beam would come on, sounds like a silly feature if it was to remind the driver. PS slimfast how can we check the VIN, what do we look out for?
  2. fiesta suspension WARNING

    Do you think this effects new Fiestas? (Mines is 2008)
  3. Bluetooth Head Units????

    I assume it could be done, the BT stack is in the head unit itself, and there is a microphone placed in the car....i guess you would need a new head unit then also. Might be worth considering 3rd party head units as their bluetooth capabilities are generally better (can read text messages, better GUI etc)
  4. I got a Zetec Blue 1.25L brand new (picked it up yesterday, got a nice deal so thought why not) for a "weekend car". I work in the city and don't use a car much. My car history was an insanely modified 206 , then a 3 series and now this. I didn't need anything fancy because its sole purpose is to do the weekend chores I can't do during the week due to work. It's a 5 door, with the bluetooth features and the tech pack. The car is great for driving around town. It is miles better than the 206 I had before. I am really happy with it. I have hooked up my iPod classic 80gb through the line in using the true line out on the iPod (got a dongle). Sounds perfect, R.E.M., Dire Straits, The Who all sound crystal clear on the speakers! Ford are offering a USB attachment soon though so you can access your ipod on the head unit B) which will be even better. Does anyone know how to access call history through the head unit? Mines just shows unavailable. I assume this is mobile dependant? (I use a O2 XDA Stellar) If anyone wants any pics, let me know.