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  1. LED driving light unit failure not repairable

    The hole strip failed, its funny when I first read and was told how reliable LEDs were and could stand a huge voltage range, but when I was trying to put some together that took 1.5 volts so four used in series = 6 volts I was told it needed a stabilised voltage unit or they wouldn't last very long, so its those that fail as they seem they can't stand any abuse from the elements.
  2. Had our first rather costly failure on a 14 plate of the head light units led fail, the cost £330 and as it is well stuck together we couldn't get it apart to repair a most likely a penny worth of a component, at least it wasn't as costly so I was told as a BMW rear light similar unit of over £550 worth. Anyone repaired these?
  3. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    My car has just gone past 3 years and 30,000 miles, so far those turbo cooling pipes look like new. The car is garaged so it starts dry under the bonnet, my daughter has had a couple of hand me downs in the past and I have been amazed how quickly the heads of screws holding heat shields and the like have corroded and almost disappeared in short order just because she can't garage it. Things that get hot and are made of steel often getting wet most days starting from cold and seem to get accelerated terminal rust problems. I have also noticed that cars doing mostly main road winter driving suffer the most quicker, I believe its to do with the salted airborne mist being sucked in and drying on hot parts building up strong corrosive conditions and biting through that thin plated corrosion protective layer.
  4. Completely Stupid Average Mph Values

    I agree that there is a discrepancy between the actual mpg and the mileage, on our car mpg is mostly fairly close to reality (this is assuming that the miles on the clock are accurate). Recently I did a long trip and, compared to our previous car (a Fiat), the actual amount of fuel used by the Ford was considerably less but the mpg display was showing that we had used about the same. I don't know how the computer works out the mpg, but the Ford maxes out at 99mpg on overrun and Fiat maxed out at 142, does the computer take these figures in to the calculation? The Ford and the Fiat have speedos that read around 2 to 3 mph above the actual figure (according to roadside speed indicators and our sat nav). Computer systems are OK while they are working reliably, but they can leave you in a real muddle when they fail. Just before I parted with the Fiat I was doing an emergency run in it and the display said I had around 140 miles worth of fuel left but only 12 miles down the road was telling me I was out of fuel, I got another 10 miles before the engine started to surge indicating that I was about to run out of petrol, luckily I did make it to the nearest petrol station. David
  5. Opinion Or Advice Needed On Fiesta Problem

    Drive shafts are relatively easy to replace (around an hour's work per shaft) so the labour costs shouldn't be astronomic. The shafts are not going to be cheap, unless you can find something suitable online or from a breaker (but it is difficult to tell how good the joint is, it needs to be thoroughly washed out and checked). 56 000 miles is quite low, providinng the rubber gaiters have always been sound I have seen driveshafts go to 200 000 (the life of the car).
  6. Completely Stupid Average Mph Values

    My previous car was a Fiat and its average mph was 27 (rural and a little city work), cancelling the milage trip also cancelled the fuel and average milage. On my Ford it seems that I have to cancel them independently (well that's what I have been doing), with its quick pickup and go our average mph has come up to 29 mph over 800 plus miles. For the previous 500 miles (all done in one journey mostly dual carriageways), it averaged 50 mph and 55mpg. I never saw those figures with the crappy Fiat as it always felt that you had to work hard to go anywhere.
  7. Opinion Or Advice Needed On Fiesta Problem

    1: Tyre bracing starting to fail on the front: This usually won't affect the steering but can be felt as a body shake. To eliminate this swap tyres from front to back. (Even failing tyre bracing on the back can cause a wobble at lower speeds and when going round roundabouts). 2: Outer CV drive shaft joint: It is normally a high milage wear or a past history of a split rubber gaiter allowing ingress of dirt and not being cleaned properly when repaired. This causes wear on the ball races so, under load it would be felt through the steering or be heard as a clicking sound when turning sharply. This will normally go without much trouble for thousands of miles. 3: Inner CV drive shaft joint: This won't affect the steering but will wriggle the engine/gearbox unit from side to side. Again this occurs after high milage or if the gearbox unit has be removed at some point and cleanliness has been lacking when replacing the joints.
  8. Cylinder Compression

    75 PSI is only just above half of what I would expect to see and, if the gasket has failed between the 2-3 cylinders, it would get worse very quickly and the engine would sound very sick. Then, if its blowing into the water, you will have coolant loss and again fast deterioration in performance, driving with a blowing head gasket can do serious damage to the head and in one case I have seen a crack in the block, blowing super heated gas at high pressure through a small gap will burn metal. If it has deteriorated slowly I would expect it is high milage wear like valves and cylinders or something from past neglect like lack of oil changes. It must have been pretty sick for them to do a compression check.
  9. 2008 Fiesta Titanium Loud Fan Sound From Engine.

    Most likely the water temperature thermostat switch has failed, this used to be a common fault caused by water getting in and corroding the contacts, now they mostly last the life of the car. I would still get it checked as I once had a wiring issue down the front.
  10. Ford Fiesta Ecoboost Mpg

    After thirty years of mainly driving small Fiat cars (with Ford, Rover & Citroen used along side them in the early years) we bought our last Fiat, a Panda Euro 6 1.2 petrol. All the cars liked to rev freely and, unless you were on dual carriageways, fifth was rarely used. We were happy with the cars and the service from the dealership until we got the Euro 6, which was a disaster and after six months I cut my losses and got a Ford. The 2014 Fiat was even lower geared than the 09 one it had replaced, if you let any of these engines turn at a low speed and labour they use more petrol, so they always need to rev to be economical. The Ecoboost Fiesta I bought to replace the hopeless Euro 6 1.2 Panda was a different ball game with masses of torque at almost idling speed, now we are used to this we use higher gears than we would have used in the Fiat. The petrol consumption has improved and since the mileage went past the 7,000 mark it returns better fuel consumption figures than we ever got from the Fiat together with a performance that may be in Fiat dreams. The reasons we changed back to Ford:- The Fiat 1.2 engine's poor and erratic throttle response on a 2014 car that Fiat refused to admit was a problem and just said 'Learn how to drive it', although how you can learn to predict the unpredictable is a mystery to me, the car could say ‘Today you have called for full throttle and we have canceled this request for the moment, have a nice day'! The number of times we nearly got hit from behind when pulling out onto a fast, busy roundabout was frightening. The engine would just lose power and you had to keep it above 2,500 revs and slip the clutch to stop it from stalling. Independent engineer's reports and rolling road tests, all showing in black and white that the car was a lame duck, cost us money and got us nowhere. Fiat wouldn't do anything and the dealership response was driven by them so we were left high and dry. Now it is is a great relief to have a normal person to talk to who cares about how we are getting on with the Ford, especially after Fiat's 'We have got your money, hard luck and "***off" attitude. It was interesting to see the difference between the 09 1.2 Panda’s output compared with the 14’s figures. The rolling road printout shows that the 14 car wasn’t very Green compared to the older 09 car and, unless you was doing 80 mph+, the old car would always be streets in front. I have attached the rolling road printout for anyone who is interested. Rolling road results.PDF
  11. Ford Fiesta Ecoboost Mpg

    Hi everybody, We got our car about 6 months ago with 4000+ miles on the clock. To begin with we were averaging around 46 mpg, mostly on rural roads, our average mph was 27. I do not use super unleaded, after a brief trial this seemed not to make a difference to mpg although the performance was better. We began to notice the mpg coming up to around 50, but it dropped back to about 46 on a motorway trip (driving steadily, no fierce accelleration). Over the last four months we have been averaging between 48 and 51 mpg on the same back roads. We have just done a 523 mile round trip, mostly dual carriageway, some of the time we were caught in slow moving traffic due to roadworks but did not use stop start. For the first 210 miles we averaged 55 mph and 55 mpg, over the whole journey we got up to 56.5 mpg and the average mph dropped to 50. I think the this was pretty good considering that I wasn't always light-footed. I have now put an extra 6000 miles or so on the car, it seems to show that the mpg goes up once the miles go on and, probably, the warmer weather helps.
  12. Dropping Rear Door Windows

    Jake They are manual, at first I thought they hadn't been closed properly, shortly after that when giving the car a wash, I managed to run water down the inside of the glass. They move down to be noticeable within a day of each other, when closing them there is a distinct resistance as the glass goes up into the top weather shield so they aren't loose. My only worry is forgetting to check them before leaving it unattended, as some light fingered lot might try to force the windows down if they see a gap to get a purchase on. I had an attempt like this on my truck in daylight in a hotel car park, luckily they were seen and chased off by one of the staff.
  13. Fuel Consumption Again

    Colin I think you need to book your car in to be checked, putting that amount of fuel through might not be doing things a lot of good under the bonnet. On a 200 mile trip I kept our car at 70 on the motorway with an occasional squirt when coming off a roundabout and then back up to 70 overall we got 46mpg. It seems that keeping off the cruise control saves petrol when driving at 70. I tend to allow the weight of the car help itself to crest a hill, if you are using cruise control it drives over the top before dropping power input and this would increase fuel consumption. On our return journey we came back by a shorter route which had varying speed limits, 30, 50, 60, and a few short 70 bits, in the 30 limits I mostly used cruise control in forth gear, at one point the average mpg had gone up to 53 but at the end of 375 miles was 51 mpg, so in some parts of the trip we were doing very well. You may say I had a light foot but with the very torquey engine there is no need to be unkind, with my Fiat I would have had to thrash the car and would still have failed to keep up with the Ford.
  14. Dropping Rear Door Windows

    About every 200- 300 miles our rear door windows drop by about 15 mm, to begin with they stay up for some time but then drop quickly once on the move. We have always had four door cars and have had windows creep down by small amounts from time to time, but not quite as quickly or with a gap large enough to get your fingers in. Has anyone else had this problem? Luckily it is noticeable by the air noise once they have started to move, so I try not to leave the car parked with them down.
  15. Fuel Consumption Again

    We have had our 1 litre Eco Boost for three months, it was a 14 plate dealership car. Prior to this we had a 14 plate Fiat 1.2 Panda (a gutless wonder with problems that Fiat are still denying). The Fiat hovered around 50+ mpg, it did not like running in a high gear (other than on a motorway). ) Our normal driving is on rural roads in Norfolk, with city driving for the weekly shop. At first we got about 46 mpg from the Ford, after a couple of 400 mile trips where the mpg was about the same I became more accustomed to the available low down engine torque and using a higher gear I started to see an average on our normal routes come up to around 51mpg (using standard unleaded petrol). On a longer trip I filled the tank with a full tank of super unleaded, this increased the mpg by only 1 to 2 extra miles and there was no marked increase in performance, so the extra expense did not seem justified. I think that, given that the car is 200 kilos heavier than the Panda and that it has far superior performance this mpg is acceptable. As a passing shot our car is garaged so it doesn't need defrosting every morning and the engine warms up steadily as the initial part of any trip is on a slow road. Also the Ford's mpg readout is correct, where the Fiat's was always reading high, out by 3+ mpg.