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  1. I read somewhere that this problem is more common with Focus's fitted with 18" alloys. Don't know how true that is, but maybe puts more stress on the pump due to the wider profile.
  2. It does look like it Ian. I wouldn't mind, but I'm not going to notice any difference to the way the car drives, etc, after the work's been done. So it's basically knocked off £1400 off the value of the car to me which was £5200 before. It must have known I was looking for another car! I know every car/manufacturer has their faults, but I've definitely been put off by Fords now. I was going to look for a Focus Zetec-S 2.0 diesel, but I could now be looking at the same problem at some point down the line.
  3. Hi all, I got the dreaded 'Steering assist malfunction - Service required' appear at startup after work last night, and also this morning. Each time I stopped/started the car and all was fine. This morning, after driving 25 miles to work, it started again fine on two occasions, and then again fine when I drove back another 25 miles to the dealer. Due to the message, I got the local Ford dealer to have a look and they said that their diagnostics came up with: B112B:07-68 BCMI steering wheel module U0236:00-6C BMII lost comms with column lock module U300:49-08 PSCM control module internal electronic failure U0140 lost comms with BCM (remote function auctor) The SBD said to replace steering gear/with module included on it. Well, before I part with £1400, does anyone have any ideas if it could be something else? This car gets on my nerves. I had an issue with the keyless entry on the drivers door, which sorted itself out after a few days. Wondering if it's having another funny 5 minutes and its the steering modules turn to be 'faulty'. I was wondering if the battery was low and causing the problem. For the past week or two, with the cold weather, every morning and night, the battery must be under some stress as the autolights come on, the internal heaters come on, the front and rear heated screens come on, and then it's got to start the car. As the assisted steering is electric, I wondered if the error was that the electric pump didn't get enough volts because the battery had been temporarily drained below a trigger level .... just guessing! I'm charging the battery up tonight to at least eliminate that issue.
  4. I had exactly the same problem with my keyless entry two weeks ago, and then last weekend it started to work again. Two weeks ago two things happened that may have caused it. One was that I went to a Christmas party and the room where we had the meal was in range of the car, and I kept sitting on my keys as they were in my back pocket. I went out to the car to find all the windows down, so must have activated the global window opening. It had also switched over to only opening the drivers door when using the keyfob. I reset this back to opening all doors, but the drivers door still wouldn't open by sensing my hand on the door handle. I thought that a long continuous pressing of the buttons may have affected the keyless system. The other possible cause was that, with the salt that they've laid on the roads recently, my car got absolutely black and I thought that maybe this affected the sensor. Last weekend it poured with rain and it started working again!
  5. I'm assuming you've retrofitted the reversing camera and are familiar with FoCCCus tool. You should have already set: #99 Park assist camera With Park Assist Camera From what I can see, my SAPP has two settings: #59 Parking assistance Parking Assistance, Front and rear with SAPP #203 Wheel Speed Sensor Type With direction (Autoparking) To test what you've done so far, you could leave #203 and set #59 to 'Park Assistance rear only'. As long as #99 has been set, this should show a small image in the corner of the rear camera image. I've had my Focus for 21 months now, and have never used the SAPP!! I wished it was easy to upgrade it to the newer SAPP that does the perpendicular parking as well.
  6. Hi, I've just fitted a set of Ford Nolden DRL's to my MK3, but they are not working correctly. They are working in the same way as the sidelights would. If the sidelights would normally be off, then the DRL's are off. If the sidelights would normally be on, then the DRL's will be on. They do not dip to 50% when the lights are on normal beam. The instructions say to cut the earth loop and solder it to what you'd expect the power lead to be (red). Instead of this, I just popped the two pins out of the 3-pin connector and swapped them over. I attached the earth loop to the earth point shown in the instructions, and crimped the power to the piggy-back fuse holder and swapped it out with the fuse in point 42. I'm assuming these connections are correct as I'm getting power to the DRL's. Instead of cutting the wires to the sidelights, I removed the bulbs and scotch-blocked the blue wire to the yellow/blue wire on the headlight loom. Any ideas?
  7. Is that 648 miles to 1.75 tank fulls? Mine must be pretty good, as I get on average 425 miles from one full tank down to 50 miles remaining. Especially as that covers around 20 cold starts!
  8. Hi Bannko, On a different note, I've got to fit some Ford Nolden DRL lights to my Focus MK3 and was wondering how to safely get the triangle sections out. Do you have any step-by-step pictures, simlilar to above, on how to remove them without breaking any tabs, etc?
  9. Do you know when you last had the fuel filter changed? Every winter, I had power loss, more when at higher revs, which required the fuel filter to be changed. The Ford garage said that the fuel filter filters out the waxes in diesel and solidifies in the colder weather, and therefore restricts the fuel flow/pressure. They quoted me approx. £100 for the filter and labour, but a full Motorcraft service wasn't much more and included a new fuel filter. £100 sounds a lot, but the filter for the 1.6 TDCi is the most expensive one I've seen, and there is a knack to priming these once fitted, which is best left to the experts.
  10. I'll have to try this, as you know how I feel about my Ti-VCT!! In a different post, it showed that you've removed the snorkel and a plastic grid. Does it need both parts removing?
  11. Sounds like the options you get on the screen depend on what other modules it detects. Is there firmware on the 5" screen that might need updating? With Kiefer not having reverse sensors make sense why his screen doesn't show 'P.Pilot'. If you press 'P.Pilot' on yours does it show the bumper image in the corner?
  12. Wireless sounds a good idea, but was wondering about interference, etc. Also, the receiver only has has connectors that are mini/micro USB for power and what looks like a 3.5mm jack. So these wouldn't be any good. Shame though, as it would save a lot of hassle.
  13. Hi Ian & Wilco, thanks for your replies. I have the 5" with SAT NAV, but not sure about the camera input connector. The main stereo looks like Wilco's. I've just seen a pic of Ian's screen and it show's 'Guides', 'P.Pilot' & 'Close'. Do you have parking sensors? If you have, then this might be why you see the 'P.Pilot' option. KPGS's pics show only 'Lines' & 'Close', so assuming Kiefer hasn't got parking sensors. Another pic I found was one from Jollyandy who has a Titanium-X and factory fitted reverse camera. His shows 'Zoom', 'Guides', 'P.Pilot' & 'Close'. Wonder if the zoom is because he has the Active Park Assist as well. Will have to PM Andy as he should be able to answer some questions. I was wondering what these wireless receivers are like, as they could save a lot of messing about trying to route a cable from rear to front. Might be worth a go for a tenner. Is the camera input connector RCA or FAKRA, as I may need the adapter lead that I've seen mentioned? I'll find out more from the Russian guys that developed the module for costs, etc. Whoever bought my car brand new, ticked most of the options boxes, shame they missed the reverse camera one!
  14. Hi, When I park, I get the full 'Park Pilot' image come up on the central screen showing the car picture and how close I'm getting to objects at the front and back of the car. I'm thinking of buying one the reversing cameras from eBay and was wondering, once it's been activated, etc, would I still see an image similar to the 'Park Pilot' or would it just be the camera image with the lines, and just have to go by the sound to judge how close I am to objects? I have seen a YouTube a video where it showed a smaller Park Pilot type of image in the top left corner. This has a 'P.Pilot' button so it looks to me like you can toggle it off/on. This was the only English worded one I could find, but unfortunately it was on YouTube to show a fault with the camera image! Does anyone have a factory fitted reversing camera and either rear sensors or the 'Active Park Assist' from an early MK3 Focus? What do you see when reversing, and what does the 'P.Pilot' button show?
  15. I've had my front brake pads replaced recently, and they are doing the same thing. Slight braking makes a weird rubbing noise with each revolution. I'll have to take a look underneath, but hopefully I haven't got a leak like yours! I do get a whirring noise as the cars speed increases, which I'm convinced is coming from the axle, bearings, etc, but Ford are saying it's just the tyres.....