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  1. MK2 head lights flash

    changed battery today so see what happens , it still had the original on that was almost 10 year old
  2. MK2 head lights flash

    yes was planning on the easy option first ,hope it is this was just seeing if others had the issue ,thanks for your reply
  3. MK2 head lights flash

    Hi started to notice that my headlights flash in the morning when I start up never done this before ,flash as in 1 flash and then it starts Any ideas? Read it could be the battery or alternator MK2 2008 1.8 petrol Thank you
  4. tow bar Mk2

    Both pin 9 and 10 are not connected to the car both taped up. Yes the loom was just plug and play into existing connections
  5. tow bar Mk2

    Yes micro
  6. tow bar Mk2

    Iantt any idea of what to search for ( the optional extra ) thanks all for your reply
  7. tow bar Mk2

    Just found a yellow wire that's connected to pin and is connected to nothing in the car. This was a brand new loom from sandicliffe. Any ideas please
  8. tow bar Mk2

    hi just bought a caravan and fridge wont work on car , car is fitted with 13 pin ford wiring loom , I have 2 plugs on caravan and ive bought a adaptor to sort this issue checked all wiring out all fine but no supply of power from car ? whats the issue ? thanks
  9. Right so I've read threw alot on this on here and can't find anything I've checked the pipe near drivers left foot looked at the holes under the carpet .windscreen looks fine . But I've noticed this today its wet on the steering rubber any ideas to solve it
  10. Re fitting sub frame

    thanks a lot sonic for taking time to do that for me and thank stef for your input
  11. Re fitting sub frame

    Hi this is the problem .Thanks
  12. Re fitting sub frame

    hi its a 1.8 duratec he .I cant find any pictures in the Haynes to show you ill get a photo up asap thanks for your replys
  13. Re fitting sub frame

    Great thanks for that .only way I could think of replacing suspension arm as I don't have room with air con pump being in the way ..back to the drawing board
  14. Re fitting sub frame

    Hi I wondered if anyone had any problems with fitting sub frame back as I read on some they maybe a issue with the incapsalated nuts spinning ? Thank you my model is 2008 facelift
  15. Changing driver side wishbone

    Do I need to drop the compressor or sub frame any advice please