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  1. Thanks Ian We seem to be winning by ripping the c.d. to the laptop's music library, using Windows Media Player, then simply dragging & dropping into the U.S.B. drive G & then proving success by using the U.S.B. in the car 👍
  2. Thanks Ian. We've had limited success already with the link you gave & will persevere.👍
  3. Thanks for the info . . at our age we'd have to live forever to listen to 60 million songs as just listening to 1 million would mean listening to 2,747 per day, every day for 1 year 😀
  4. HI Ian, yes we do have a laptop running windows 10 & it has a c.d. drive, so we'll gratefully follow the instructions you gave in the 1st link 😄 Thank you very much for your assistance & Happy New Year to you & yours.
  5. Hi Ian & thanks for your reply, I think you could well be right about the lack of an add on c.d. player. We do have a 32gb USB stick but due to our lack of knowledge have no idea how to convert a c.d. to mp3 & then playback in the car ? Any info you can offer in an '' idiots guide '' manner . . . 😀 would be much appreciated - thank you.
  6. We've just acquired an ex Ford demo 2019 Focus Titanium X which has the B & O audio upgrade option fitted & whilst the sound is impressive the system does not incorporate a c.d. player, to date we haven't had the opportunity to ask our dealer whether a c.d. player is available as an add on & wondered if any of you knowledgeable people would have a definitive answer ? Thanks in advance for any information you can offer.