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  1. I've noticed that Ford offer a c.d. player at build stage, does anyone know if this can be purchased as an aftermarket add on ? Thank you for your help.
  2. No issues with either Focus 1.5 diesel Titanium X's I've had so far ( nor should there be ! ).
  3. Bear in mind that it's possible that you may need Ford's '' goodwill'' at some time in the future once the warranty has expired, and speaking as a recipient of such goodwill, I found a full Ford service history invaluable.
  4. Hello all, We will be moving home from South West Wales, SA18 postcode to North Somercotes, Lincolnshire hopefully in the next two months-ish & I need two cars securely transported from here to there. Full, no quibble comprehensive insurance for the cars is a must. Does anyone know someone personally who can provide this service or can anyone recommend a trusted company who offer this service ? All replies gratefully received, thank you. Mark.
  5. Quite often unnoticeable handbrake failure is caused by the rear brake discs cooling & consequently contracting, especially likely after a long hard drive with lots of late & hard braking, which heats up the discs. My Focus has the new fangled electronic handbrake that i both distrust & dislike with a passion, as a result i always leave the car parked in 1st gear, as i have done with all previous cars.
  6. Manual handbakes can & do fail, as i found out to my cost last week when a Transit with a towbar & ball rolled back into my Focus causing £2k's worth of damage. I would always recommend leaving a vehicle in gear when parked, especially if on a incline / decline, this practice has served me well for the last 41 years .
  7. Everything else aside - it's too much money for a car of that age, priced at about £4000 would be reasonable i.m.o. For comparison. a neighbour just purchased a 60 plate Renault Twingo with just 16,500 miles, full service history, 2 previous owners, 6 month warranty, perfect M.O.T. history, next M.O.T. free, for £2500.
  8. It was & they were, it seems you are correct 👍
  9. Thank you. Just for info' & to assist others it seems not all Focus's have this feature, mine certainly doesn't.
  10. Thank you Clive, on my model there seems to be no way to reset the oil life indicator, but as i previously mentioned the Fordpass app suggests the oil life is 100% - so maybe just a glitch ?
  11. Thank you, i just checked on etis & there are no Outstanding Field Service Actions listed
  12. Out of interest i just checked my FordPass app & very confusingly the oil life is showing 100%, the app info has been updated since the message appeared whilst driving the car over 4 hours ago Do i believe the app or the car's brain ? !
  13. I have a similar issue posted in a different thread, I would be most grateful if you could please detail where in the instrument cluster settings menu I can find this method of resetting. Thank you.
  14. Thank you for your reply, i did as you said for 10 minutes, no progress or anything else visible on the dash? For clarification : this is a 19 plate Focus Titanium X 1.5 diesel
  15. Information : MKIV Focus TX1.5 Diesel, 6,523 miles. ( Allegedly ) last serviced at Bridgend Ford @ 5,800 miles 20/12/19 just prior to purchase. This notification has just illuminated & seems odd considering the total mileage & the last service interval. I've searched the guides & how to with no success on how to reset, probably missed it somewhere ! Does any clever member know how to reset the service indicator to extinguish this message please ? Thank you in advance Mark
  16. The battery was discharged / flat, although quite why it discharged within a week is a mystery, parasitic drain is the culprit i expect
  17. We have a winner ! A.A. patrolman turns up after just 15 minutes, he's seen the issue before & as stated by Alex & others there is indeed a securing clip lurking behind the release cover as shown in previous pictures uploaded by forum members, this clip is black & tiny, looks like an inverted '' L'' or a '' T '' without the left hand part of the top of the T, & sits flush with the top of the cover, so almost impossible to see, it functions a bit like a split pin, you need a small flat blade screwdriver inserted horizontally to lever the horizontal part of the L / T upwards, it needs complete removal & is likely to fall into the void where the bonnet release cover was, it is retrievable though. Then as previously mentioned use an appropriate sized socket & turn clockwise twice to pop the bonnet. Many thanks to all those who contributed to try & assist me.👍
  18. Up until 2018 i was an A.A. member for 25 years, only called them out twice in all that time, on the second occasion the Mondeo misbehaved at Fishguard port en-route to Ireland, long story short, the A.A. didn't turn up & the Mondeo spent a week in Ireland in limp mode - thereby ending my 25 years as a member !
  19. Ford assist are on their way so we'll soon see how there's a way to resolve the bonnet opening issue.
  20. When i have the answer I'll be sure to post on here for the benefit of others as this must occur reasonably frequently, especially if there's a parasitic drain involved,
  21. OK thanks for your help Alex & thanks to all others that tried to assist, there must be a way to remove the bonnet release lever - maybe Ford assist will have the answer when i call them out tomorrow. Thanks to all once again.
  22. Thank you, yes I've tried enlarging your pic but just can't see anything resembling that, my pull lever & surround is black which makes things more difficult to see too.
  23. Thanks for that , yes i agree as I always deadlock the car - in hindsight, what an idiot am I 😀
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