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  1. Agreed! Tested this morning and everything is working as it should, I'm happy again! :)
  2. Doh, just tried again and it's doing it now. Didn't turn the ignition enough, needed one more click!
  3. Hmm, just tried it in mine and couldn't get the update to start. Turned on the radio, plugged the USB in and it flashes up saying no USB files found (or something like that), turned the ignition the one spot and nothing happens :( The memory stick is a 512mb formatted as FAT. I take it you use the USB slot where the iPod would normally be plugged in. As the YouTube video did show putting it in the side compartment, I'm guessing that's just that model car.
  4. Excellent, can't wait to sit on my drive for 20 mins like a lemon :)
  5. I'm assuming this update works with the older style radio (the one before the Sony)
  6. Thanks for the replies, but I don't want to turn off bluetooth completely. I still want to use it as a phone, just not the audio side of it. I had a sit in the car today and didn't come across any relevant setting :( Although it looks like I can switch the music back to the USB from the music screen on the iPhone. Not ideal but a way around the issue I guess!
  7. Hi, long time no post! I'm having a bit of an issue, for a while I've used my iPod Touch in my car for audio and now finally got myself an iPhone. But I'm having a bit of a problem, playing music seems almost impossible as once bluetooth connects the audio goes off. Searching the forums I've seen similar issues with iPhones, so I'm assuming it's not 4S issue. If I unplug the USB cable a few times the audio does eventually come back, but I don't like having to do this as it wastes quite a bit of time (and technically the phone is constantly switching on/off charging which the battery might not appreciate!) I'm assuming it has something to do with it trying to play Bluetooth audio? Is there a way to permanently switch it off in the Fiesta? Didn't it appear in a radio firmware update? ...I don't suppose it's possible to downgrade it! I'd appreciate any tips, I don't like to be without my music :) Andy
  8. Yay, looks quite similar to mine :) I'm jealous of the Sony radio, there are times I wish I'd gone for the keyless entry too :)
  9. Hi see this sticky, http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=10420 If you have a MK7 with the USB connection then you should be able to get one of the Y cables (or cheaper ones from ebay) and they'll charge.
  10. I don't see why it wouldn't work!
  11. Bumping an old post but this is getting quite annoying now! I've found that in Leicester we have park and ride buses and they all have bluetooth on them (advertising or something, I dunno!) but every time one pulls up by the side of me it happens. Not only that but the link between my phone and the car is lost, though it does seem to come back after a few minutes. I've not really looked in the menus, is there a way to stop it detecting new devices once mine has been paired?
  12. Hmm, good thing I checked in here. I was tempted to update mine to v4. Think I'll be holding off for a while.
  13. I've checked my washer bottle before and I could've sworn it had a max line on it. But I could be wrong. I think I just ended up tapping the bottle to see if I could see washer fluid inside. Had mine almost a year and it's still not run out :)
  14. A lorry going down the A1... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caPmw3OVQMo Still don't know if it's just a very good fake! :) (Sorry if it's the wrong forum for off topic stuff!)
  15. Well here's my first car... The owners live about 5-10 minutes from my parent's house and I've seen it on the road once before. and just because it might feel left out, here's my second car which I had before getting the mk7 :) This car is now in Blackburn (hopefully I might spot it when I go up for my next trip to Ewood Park :D )
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