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  1. Wheels to fit a mk4?

    In theory any wheels with a 4x108 PCD should do the trick. Just remember if you go up in wheel size you have to lower the tyre profile. The overall diameter has to stay pretty much the same otherwise it throws your speedo off.

    I was looking into adding power steering to my Mk4 estate but I couldnt get any straight answers or find anything that much much use. A lot of people from various sources suggested it would be possible but they hadnt tried it and didnt know how much time or money it would take to do the job. The main reason I wanted to add it is because since passing my test all Id driven is a Mk2 Mondeo which has 11 years more technoilogy on it, including the power steering! After a while of driving the Escort however I realised that allthough not as easy as the Mondeo, its not really that bad. Its a relatively light car and other than trying to park in a small space, I have no real problems with the lack of power steering. Keep me posted if you find something that works tho, as Im always open to suggestions for mods
  3. Hey people, how are you? Ok, heres the deal. Ive bought a 1988 Escort, 3 door estate, 70k on the clock. I also have a 1998 Mondeo, 87k on the clock. Both have auto transmissions, the Mondeo has power steering, the Escort doesnt. The Escort is a bit jarry between gears as the auto moves up gear. Aswell as that, the stick itself is a bit hard to shift between gears. The Escort also doesnt have power steering, so its a bit harder to get into spaces and stuff. Heres what Id like to know : 1. Can power steering be added to the Escort, if so, how much? 2. Can a new gear box be added, including the stick itself, somethign more like the Mondeo one, if so, how much? 3. Can the Mondeo be used as a donor car? Thanks.
  4. Im new!

    Hey people. Im new to the group, just bought a 1988, Mk 4, 3 Door, Escort Estate. I also have a 1998 MK2 Mondeo but its heading for the bog old yard in the sky! Random question, but can you add power steering to a car that doesnt have it? The Escort handles like a tankcompared the the Mondeo!