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  1. New Fiesta Mk7 Faults

    [quote name='Dave_M' date='31 August 2010 - 04:48 PM' timestamp='1283269131' post='953 . It would be nice if all members gave good and sensible responses but I totally agree mate,I asked you to list all the "quite serious faults " and you havent responded ,other than to ask for the thread to be closed. members who always give good, sensible and constructive feedback to any other member who needs it I think I fall into that category if you look at most of the replies I give to people who ask sensible balanced questions. Given you have been a member of this board for less than 2 months ,you do seem to have granted yourself something of an air of authority in asking for threads to be closed and asking members who dare to refute your unfounded allegations not to make any more postings. Again I will ask you to back up your statement "Ford should not be releasing cars with these types of faults, some of which were quite serious faults" Dave (Obviously this was written by my carer as I am incapable of thinking for myself as you point out above)
  2. New Fiesta Titanium Td1.6 Speaker Vibrates

    No I dont work for ford. The exact wording is below To begin with, your Ford warranty covers you for one year with unlimited mileage. From then on, Ford Protect will safeguard you for another two years or a total of up to 60,000 miles, whichever passes first. (Remember, the 60,000 mile limit includes the mileage you covered in your first year of ownership.) So year one is Ford warranty year 2 and 3 is Ford protect. Ive just also found out you can extend Protect to 5 years /100k for £400 if you do it before your car is 12 months old. Dave Dave
  3. New Fiesta Titanium Td1.6 Speaker Vibrates

    Whatever made you think you get upgraded speakers in the titanium? I dont want to dissapoint you any more mate but my titanum(and no doubt yours) has the same headlights as the basic ,the same seatbelts as the basic,the same speedo ,the same paint,the same thickness of body steel,the same bumpers.....need i go on! Before you go rushing off making a fool of yourself regarding the warranty,I suggest you read it. You DO NOT have a 3 year warranty. You do have a one year full warranty with a 2 year complementary lesser warranty(apologies I do not have the exact wording to hand) These are bundled together to look like a 3 year warranty to those who dont read the small print. If your car is a grey import it has 1+1 warranty. . Dave PS thanks to Antonyj for the third picture,I find it amazing just how many components are fitted inside a door,and the complexity of designing and assembling a small sub section like a door ,
  4. Its quite a complex operation,to do it properly. Firstly you need a new windscreen Then a new rear view mirror with the light/dusk sensor built in, Then you need to remove the inside roof and an A pillar to get the wiring in place, then connect the wiring to the correct points then replace the current headlight switch with the one with an extra icon for auto lights. In other words ....dont bother unless you have a lot of time on tyour hands and spare cash to waste ! Its a lot easier and cheaper just to work the lights manually! Dave
  5. http://www.gumtree.com/london/97/64864497.html This one has the electric mirrors and is described as fully loaded. dave
  6. New Fiesta Mk7 Faults

    When have I ever "moaned like hell" about the Fiesta on here,I would say generally I am one of the most pro fiesta posters on here. I accept dont research in great detail the cars I buy,I look at costs per mile and service costs,but as to reliability I think they are all much the same. I have owned 15 cars in my time,11 of which were bought new,I dont think I ever test drove more than two of them,never mind spending hours researching I admit I bought my current Fiesta ,and the one before without test driving,or even seeing the spec/colour I was buying,thats just how I operate,I fancy a change,phone the bloke at the garage,do a deal on the phone,car gets delivered ,sell old car privately...job done. I find the boot slightly smaller than I would like and the lack of split folding seat causes a minor inconvenience,but I dont moan on here or any other car forum about it,I bought the car without checking these things and I accept that. I dont regret buying the car at all. You clearly have an issue with your Corsa you are not sharing with us,Given it is so good and VX now offer a 100k lifetime warranty,why are you moving over to a fault ridden Ford. You still havent responded to my challenge and pointed out all the "quite serious faults", thanks to ADZMCP ,we have a leaking footwell(resolved over 12 months ago) and frozen radio, mine had the well documented missing carpet clips (valencia build), Hardly on a par with collapsing steering collums and brakes filled with the wrong fluid. You personally may find my posts "constant verbal drivel" but I have never had to resort to using swear words with asterisks in them to by pass the auto censor. I would personally refer to my posts as being "consistently factual and objective",rather than "unresearched,subjective and attention seeking " as yours seem to be. Dave
  7. New Fiesta Mk7 Faults

    I think your problem here lies in the use of the word "supportive" You clearly want to join this forum and have lots of people congratulating you on your choice and all hugging and bonding with you,assuring and comforting you through the traumatic(to you) car buying process you have entered into. If you look at previous posts by Iggle and myself you will find them to be more than remotely sensible,in fact we often help solve in depth questions raised by others in need of help to source parts and services.
  8. New Fiesta Mk7 Faults

    Well said Iggle,I was thinking just the same, Dave
  9. Found These Parts

    6. is looking like an Austin allegro Vanden Plas. Dave
  10. Found These Parts

    What an amusing little game for a friday night. The first one looks like a ford plastic wheeltrim,if you could show the other side,or give the code numbers on it that would help. 2 and 3 Ive no idea,not really my specialist subject . 4 Thats a daimler radiator grill from the daimer sovereign saloon cars from 1972 to early 1980s http://www.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl=http://static.autoblog.nl/images/wp2009/gespot/luxe-sedans/daimler_sovereign-42_03.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.autoblog.nl/archive/2009/04/03/gespot-luxe-sedans-uit-het-verleden&usg=__1ddbyVN_bloA8W6dPNm8Zm7LmkA=&h=301&w=450&sz=99&hl=en&start=135&zoom=1&tbnid=ePn5kfJzTLs-oM:&tbnh=147&tbnw=204&prev=/images%3Fq%3Ddaimler%2Bsoveriegn%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DG%26biw%3D1051%26bih%3D627%26tbs%3Disch:10%2C5559&um=1&itbs=1&iact=hc&vpx=569&vpy=191&dur=827&hovh=184&hovw=275&tx=117&ty=102&ei=2Sx4TP4okJvgBqiXzMcG&oei=gix4TIvNEMWSswaAqrSyDQ&esq=14&page=12&ndsp=12&ved=1t:429,r:2,s:135&biw=1051&bih=627 6.looking like a BLMC from the 70s but can place it at the monemt. Dave
  11. Fuel Octane

    There was a discussion about this over on HJ a few months back. The general opinion (backed up by in depth tests on super bikes)was there was no benefit to be gained. The engines ran as normal,there was no change in power or acceleration . On newer cars the engine management system will self adjust to compensate for the higher octane rating Why do you want to put 99 in a 13 year old car? dave
  12. Car Locking Scam

    Your key fob sends a 40 digit code to the car,when you press the button on the key. If the code recieved by the car is the one it is expecting it performs the operation you have requested (eg open door,open boot). Both the key fob and the receiver in the car use the same "random number generator"(RNG). When a valid code is received the RNG then selects a new code,as both the key and the car have identical RNGs,both select the same number. As such the transmitter (key) and receiver (car) are synchronized and know which number to expect next in the pre programmed sequence. What most people dont realise is if you press the key,whilst it is your pocket,out of range of the car,the sequence moves forward one step,and thus when you come to try and open the car,the codes will not match. To overcome this ,the receiver is programmed to accept any of the next 256 codes which are due in the sequence,and after acceptance of any of them and will the re synch back to sequence. If you press your key fob 260 times,out of range of the car,your auto locking will cease to work and will need re programming by fords. Hope that helps you Dave
  13. 2010 Ford Fiesta Sport Van Leaking Water!!!

    Got out of bed without any problems today mate,seems to be you who is jumping down throats! Whats the point of posting "you can have a new car or your money back....." when it simply isnt true? Who does that help? How does it help anyone? What is the point of posting something so misleading?? Dave
  14. 2010 Ford Fiesta Sport Van Leaking Water!!!

    What utter nonsense mate. It might apply to a kettle or a toaster but you wont be getting a new car! As ford didnt fix the rack,his mate did ,then the dispute is with his mate,not ford. There was no leak until his mate fitted the rack. Dave
  15. Mk7 Squeeze Green Color Code

    Second box up from the left (59) dave