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  1. Newbie

    what size engine is in that? petrol yeah?
  2. Newbie

    Im pretty sure that number plate may be illegal haha just kidding, nice car bud, i way prefer this shape to the newer shape. Look after her XD
  3. oil light question

    Hi Fiesta people :D Just a quick few questions about oil i bought my car about 5 months ago second hand 04 fiesta finesse 1.3, Today i notaced that when i brake my oil light comes on then goes back off like the oil is moving to the front with the G-force and a censor is at the back if u get what i mean? I dont really know very much about it but i always thought oil never ran low it just needs a change every so often but id expect that the oil light would stay on if that was the case. Anyone clear up whats going on here for me? Maybe the most obvious thing would be topping up on oil? Thanks Paul EDIT: Thought id leave the above here incase it helps anyone else as i think the oil light only showing when braking was abit fucky maybe thats just when its running low. Topped up on ford 5w-30 oil light stopped showing :D Anyone know how oil works i still always thought oil never ran low it just needed changed every now and again does it mix with the fuel or something and is consumed over time? Thanks Paul
  4. Faster fiesta?

    Haha, Come on people i am genuinely confused at why two of the same cars feel totally different, It makes no sense to me.
  5. Faster fiesta?

    Hi fordies :D I have a 54 plate ford fiesta finesse 1.3, My friend has the same car from the same year with the same size engine, with about the same mileage I drove it back from the garage for him because he wasnt insured for it yet. It seems alot more powerful than my car wich leaves me really confused. I dont think theres anything wrong with my car i had a diagnostic done on it by ford and everything came back fine but my car does feel really flat. Any ideas why or how i could make it abit more powerful? Cheers Paul.
  6. Front left rattle.

    Haha thats one way i suppose id love to know what it is though.
  7. Front left rattle.

    Hi fiesta people :D I recently got a 53 plate fiesta finesse as my first car 3 weeks ago, it broke on me the other day and i had to take it to a ford garage for a test, My engine light came on loss of power and the engine was shaking it turned out to be a crack in the coilpack and was fixed. Just thought id give abit info on that incase its useful to anyone here. So, i have noticed a slight rattle on the front left side of the car it seems like its something to do with the engine or something close to the engine on that side, It only happens when you accelerate not so bad in first second and third gear but more noticeble in third forth and fifth... It still isnt really bad but something you pick up on when driving. My friend has the same car from the same year so i tried that and his does the same but it isnt as noticeble as mine is. So i assume it isnt a very rare thing and hope someone here could say what exactly it is. Thanks Paul
  8. Hub Nut Torque setting

    235Nm is bang on indeed