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  1. I have 1.6 Ti-VCT titanium. Different engines but both Titanium, maybe it's only this model?
  2. Same issue I posted here. I've never had a satisfactory solution from Ford, I do plan on writing to the MD of Ford to highlight the issue. I'll post any response I get.
  3. Pioneer upgrade kits

    If the bass and volume limiting is controlled by the firmware of the headunit, would it not be possible to remove it once the pioneer speakers are installed as I'm sure they could handle more than the factory fit speakers.
  4. Pioneer upgrade kits

    Any info you can get is appreciated. Do you know if the upgrade is dealer fit?
  5. Pioneer upgrade kits

    Do you know when this upgrade will be available and ideas on cost? I've been considering upgrading the speakers for a while now and this looks like a good solution.
  6. Mk7 Bass issues

    I have the same issues with my stereo, I've found all musics sources sound a bit thin except for the radio. I've also discovered the rear speakers have no bass response at all regardless of volume or eq settings. Would be nice to know if this is a firmware issue so the cost of replacing the speakers can be avoided.
  7. Rear speaker size

    The rear speakers have noticably poorer sound quality, they have no bass response at all. I'm just looking to get more bass and mid-range from the rears to match the fronts.
  8. Rear speaker size

    Does anyone know what size speakers are used in the rear? I'm looking to replace them as they have very poor sound quality compared to front speakers.
  9. ! Guide ! Installing A Sub Box To Mk7

    Can anyone tell me wires are for the front speakers and which are the rear. I want to make sure my sub is on the front speakers as sometimes I fade sound to the front only as it gets too loud for passengers in the rear.
  10. Passenger footwell getting very hot

    After a few phone calls with my local service center and the customer service department I got ford to attempt a fix. They have wrapped lagging round the pipes and put some reflective heat shield on the inside panel of the footwell. The pipes are no longer exposed so it's not possible to burn yourself but it's only reduced the heat radiated into the footwell by a very tiny amount. The fact that ford hasn't developed a proper fix for this is amazing as I think it really is quite a serious health and safety issue, it's very easy to burn your hand while investigating. Ford are aware of this issue as I was told that it's been reported a few times in europe, I guess it's more noticable due to left hand drive.
  11. What engine have you got?

    A slightly odd request I know, but how can you confirm what size engine is fitted? I have the 1.6 Duratec Ti-VCT petrol, should there be any markings to indicate this? Does the 1.2 or 1.4 petrol look any different, has anyone taken photos of their engines?
  12. Blower settings

    Noticed today that when having the blower set to windscreen and front vents no air comes out the front vents, it makes no difference to the airflow if the front vents are selected or not. However, when selecting screen, front and footwell vents air comes out of all of them. Has anyone else noticed this?
  13. Passenger footwell getting very hot

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I know you can potentially burn yourself because I did when I was investigating where the heat was coming from. Now I know under normal driving conditions you wouldn't be checking out the passenger footwell but the fact is there is a very hot pipe that can reached from inside the cabin and I personally consider that a risk and a design flaw. I believe some heat shielding on the pipe would possibly be a solution, but I think this is something the Ford engineers should have resolved.
  14. Passenger footwell getting very hot

    I hope so too, but I really don't know what Ford can do with changing the design of the car.
  15. Passenger footwell getting very hot

    I'm very surprised this kind of flaw has been allowed on a car that is being sold to the public. There must have been various safety tests conducted so I don't know how they missed this one.