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  1. Cars looking great Yunii! Loving your choice of mods! Lenny do you still have the Spoiler& Splitter? Know somebody that might be interested.
  2. Titanium Estate.

    Cheers Guys! Yunii I've got chrome covers to go back on the nuts but need to tidy calipers before I fix them on!
  3. Titanium Estate.

    Finally got the eSTate some new shoes, a set of Genuine Ford Black Facelift ST rims and a set of Eibachs. I've also added a red stripe around the splitter which hides the scuffs nicely. LoL After a year of having FlyEye on the headlights I decided to remove it!
  4. Titanium Estate.

    b4zz not doing FF this year unfortunately. LoL
  5. Titanium Estate.

    Cheers guys. I had it done the same time as the carbon'd bits and they had to redo someone else's work which was crap! So it cost me more than it would've if they had done it in the first place! Well worth it though! Want slam panel and expansion bottle cover Carbon dipped aswell! Should've said hello b4zz!
  6. Titanium Estate.

    After picking up a nasty scratch on my boot lid I decided to cover it up before going to RS Combe so I got a couple of stickers made up. MK3 style Focus and an eSTate one. When at RS Combe I decided to show off my engine bay so I can now share pics of my engine cover.
  7. Titanium Estate.

    Cheers Lenny!
  8. Recent Mods

    Why do you want to delete it? New members can take inspiration from some of the mods you carried out!
  9. Titanium Estate.

    Cheers t_dubz! Been a slow process of waiting for bargain kit to come along but worth it in the end!
  10. Titanium Estate.

    Cheers t_dubz! Been a slow process of waiting for bargain kit to come along but worth it in the end!
  11. Titanium Estate.

    Cheers Yunii!
  12. Titanium Estate.

    Original Titanium Silver Carbon Dash pieces. Carbon Wrapped Dash. Genuine Focus RS/ST Carbon Dash pieces and SatNav sprayed Morello red.
  13. Titanium Estate.

  14. Titanium Estate.

    Cheers Guys! The dipping is a slippery slope once you've had something done (With Great Results) you keep looking for next thing to be done. LoL