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  1. Fiesta 2006 1.25 towing weight?

    Found this for a new one: http://www.buyacar.co.uk/ford_fiesta_hatch...r_82_4739.jhtml I would have thought that 600 kg would be a lot to tow with a small car, though. One way of finding out for certain would be to look at the VIN plate in conjunction with a Google search (Ford Fiesta VIN plate decode, or somesuch). One of the figures on the VIN plate is the maximum allowable gross weight of vehicle plus trailer. Don't know about braked and unbraked, the 600 kg on the website is braked. Disclaimer: I've never towed anything, this is just info I got from the net. Jason
  2. Hi, Prob with fiesta gear change clutch noise thing!!

    It might well be an early symptom of clutch slip, but the car seems a bit young for that. Try to make a recording of the noise for the garage, and try hard to get them to sort it under warranty, because a lot of expensive work is required to gain access. If the engine revs start to go up faster than the road speed, then clutch slip is confirmed and a repair is very urgent (and expensive). Good luck with it Jason
  3. brake hoses

    ebay? The postage would add significantly to the cost though. If you are close to a Camberley Auto Factor store, (http://www.camberleyautofactors.com/home/index.php) they are well worth a try. They supply the trade, so they don't sell rubbish. Don't even think about getting anything second-hand, recycled, dodgy or anything other than brand new in the manufacturers packing with an application list that specifies your car. Jason
  4. 1997 MK4 z-tec S 1.25 colour chart?

    Code B, not code smiley Jason
  5. 1997 MK4 z-tec S 1.25 colour chart?

    Hi On the VIN plate, the second box from the bottom contains the colour code. There are two whites applicable to the Mk 4, Diamond White (code B) and Ivory White (code H). I got this information from the online Fiesta Owners Club, it was accurate in getting the correct name for the colour of my Fiesta. Jason
  6. Rear Brake Drum Retaining Nut

    Remember to do them up tight. My Haynes manual reckons 273 newton-metres (173 foot-pounds) which is serious torque-wrench territory. Don't guess, either the bearing will be wrecked because of free play or the hub will be overstretched and might fail. Sorry to be gloomy. Jason
  7. Rear Brake Drum Retaining Nut

    Is there a split pin or whatever hidden in the nut? Sometimes they are hard to see and harder to get out. It's worth cleaning the nut with WD40 to make sure. You will also be able to see the threads to confirm you are turning the correct way. I've got an electric (runs off car battery) power wrench from Halfords which will undo just about anything. As well as being easier, it doesn't damage the nuts as much as a human-powered socket set. Jason
  8. Timing belts

    I found a quote for £260: http://www.jennings-ford.co.uk/service/car...view.aspx?sb=91 The actual belt costs a few tenners (look on ebay) but they take 2-3 hours to fit (all day for a diy mechanic). I know that different cars have very different belt fitting times and that different Fiesta models have very different engines. Jason