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  1. I was looking at some new tyres for my focus and came across these really cheap on blackcircles.com. They seem to be rated well and are owned by Michelin from what I can see. Has anyone ever tried these, what do you think if you have?
  2. Awesome I’ll take a look. Definitely would be worth it.
  3. I’ve started using Ads car care products, but previously used Meguires. I really like both, but Ads is cheaper and does the job just as well.
  4. I see from other threads that a dashcam can be wired to fuse 85 to come on and off with ignition. However, I have a third cable on my hardwire kit that needs a permanent live. Which fuse would be best for this in the passenger fuse box. Also what size/type of piggyback fuse would be needed for this. Camera is a Thinkware F750 with hardwire kit and car is a Mk 3.5 Ford Focus 1.5 TDCi Titanium. I'm wiring the camera in to activate the parking mode recording; there is an option to adjust the settings so that the camera automatically stops recording if it detects the cars battery falls below a certain voltage. Can someone also tell me what voltage this would be best set at? Thank you in advance.
  5. mike6688


    Agreed, obviously Clive knows better than we do as a police officer. I wonder where this idea of indicating if the angle is more than straight ahead to indicate right has come from? Some of us seen to have been taught it others not, but highway code has no mention of it that I can see other than saying if turnong right - but seems open to interpretation. I can imagine that would be annoying, especially as HGV's can't pull out as easily or quickly as a car. There is a roundabout like the one show near me (I know roundabout are all different so can't really compare), but lanes are marked. In this instance the the first exit is marked as straight on (lane 1) and second and third exits are marked as right by a right arrow (second lane). So in this instance I would indicate right and take second lane.
  6. mike6688


    I would he signalling right as the the exit is more than 180 degrees from where you're entering it. That's what I was taught anyway, and would be how I would see it. Also then signal left after passing first exit.
  7. Seen this happen loads of time. I used gorilla glue on mine in the end, never came off again lol 😂
  8. Only heard good things about the 1.5 TDCi and mk3.5. Have one myself and love it. The recall is most likely the camshaft sprocket, there is a thread on here about it somewhere. I would get this done asap or you'll be looking at a new engine if it goes. You do get a new cambelt amongst other things with the recall (silver linings and all that).
  9. What is the best time to try and be there for if not got a car on the stands. Will you be able to get in and park before 10am? First time I'm going to Ford Fair 😁 Only been to Classic Ford show before
  10. Yeah the phone will connect automaically to the WiFi if it's one connected to before. The router wouldn't be able to turn on or off the wifi on the phone when locked or unlocked though. Do you have other devices connecting to the router? Perhaps if there are a large number of devices connecting; then router can't handle the load and the connection to your phone is dropped as it senses the phone is no longer trying to receive anything from the wifi when locked?
  11. Do you have WiFi assist turned on? Then can cause the phone to automatically change between WiFi and 3G/4G depending on signal strength. Don't know why it would change when screen is locked/ unlocked though?
  12. Check with you bank also. Barclays do full European RAC cover with Travel insurance for £10.50 a month. Also Nationwide offer full LV Britannia breakdown, mobile phone insurance and travel insurance for £10 (soon to be £13) a month. AutoAid and GEM motoring assist I'm seeing being highly recommended over AA and RAC recently and are significantly cheaper. Largely depends also on if you're looking for just a breakdown and recovery service, or you also want fully comprehensive cover with home assist and onward travel etcetera?
  13. No BP near me either but there is a Shell. Costs £2 more a tank just for their regular fuelsave diesel compared to the Tesco/Esso garage down the road. £4 more a tank for V-Power. So now I'm keeping with Esso (car feels exactly the same and no change in MPG), and Esso premium diesel every now and again to keep it clean.
  14. Seems just early 2015 are affected so far. Mine built in September not listed as affected. Do Ford stagger the recalls based on build date so the dealers aren't overwhelmed? Or would they all be done at once?