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  1. Had a similar thing happen to me once on an old Granada I had at the time. The RAC were very useful in that event. Perhaps give them a try?(or whichever organisation you're with)
  2. Which Fusion?

    Is anyone actually using this forum, or am I wasting my time? ;)
  3. Which Fusion?

    Just to clarify please which Fusion will this ection be about, the European model or the US model?
  4. I'm sure all you people out there in Fordland have all come across some piece of equipment or a fitting on your vehicles that (in your opinion) was absolute rubbish, didn't do it's designed job and was a total waste of space! So, let's all hear about it! To kick this off, here is my nomination for the 'DROP IT IN THE SKIP' Award. The Sonic Idle/VV carb. What an absolute waste of metal this thing is. It just chokes all the power out of the pinto engine. I should be getting about 86bhp, but with this abomonation I'm lucky to get 50! Whoever is respoosible for this needs taking out and given a job at BMW! Who 's next?
  5. 2008 Ford Fusion Sport Package review

    I find this very confusing and inconsiderate of Ford to have two differnt models with the same name. I opened this topic with the hope it may have some info I could use about my fusion (1.4i Fiesta based European model) only to find this gas guzzling monster. Not that there is anything wrong with it, but come Uncle Henry, two models from the same stable with the same name? Confusion more like!
  6. Introductions .....

    Hi everyone, Steve from Merseyside. Cars. Fiesta Fusion 1.4i in Black, 05 model (Daily User). Capri 1.6L in Forest green. She only comes out in summer and then only for shows.
  7. Ford Capri

    One thing I have moticed recently. One my Capri, (as earleir described, 2.0s Five Speed manual), the gear ratiio in fifth is quite high. example, 70mph in fifth uses about 2,400 rpm. On my recently acquired Fiesta Fusion, doing the same speed in fifth gives and rpm of about 3,100. My late wife had a Sierra Sapphire for a while, with the same gearbox as the Capri, and that was the same as the Capri at 70mph in 5th. Bear in mind the need these days for more mpg, makes you wonder why ford has a different ration on the geras in the fiesta then the old Capri. Unless of course, they want us to have cars that can't get even better mpg? maybe it's a conspiracy with the oil companies?
  8. Ford Capri

    Why does evryone wnat the 2.8? The old 3.0s was a much better car and easier to work on. No confusing electronics. But for the most balanced of all of them, it would have to be the Mk 3, 2.0s. Powerful, economical(especially with the 5 speed box) and so good looking if it was black!
  9. Wheel Size on Fiesta Fusion.

    Hi all, you've proabably had this before but does anybody know or can anyone tell me the maximum wheel tyre combination I can go to on a Standard Fusion without having to do body mods? It's running on standard 195/15 at the moment and would like to go to something wider.