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  1. Be careful though as there are the same style lights for both mk7 and mk7.5 models, and both have different connections.
  2. http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/371309739868?_mwBanner=1
  3. Vid of someone elses: https://youtu.be/Fly4ObR-ydU
  4. £138 inc shipping from Germany but I think usually they are listed for £160-180
  5. Managed to snag a set of these from Germany via ebay. Straight fit with no plug changes which was cool. The standard rear lights have always been my least favorite part of the facelift, even before I bought one so its nice to change them out.
  6. What does your idle engine speed look like after a few revs?
  7. Check your oil level when cold. I didn't realise how quickly modern engines burn oil by design until recently. Topped mine up and its now quieter.
  8. I asked the guy is there was anything I could do to prevent it in the future but apparently it is something that just happens. Couldn't find anything online when it happened so hopefully its just bad luck for me.
  9. New throttle body is required, covered by warrenty. Phew!
  10. Got stranded on the M25 at the weekend when a spanner appeared on the dash and an engine malfunction message appeared on the screen. Power was gone but not undrivable so pulled into the services and called the RAC. The engine was revving itself and going a bit banannas. Had 4 error codes and the RAC guy was unable to find the problem. Managed to get home and book into the dealer. Took it out last night and everything seemed fine until a major loss of power that caused me to stop. Re-started and it was fine for a while before happening again. It is with the dealers now hopefully being fixed. Pray for me!
  11. Looks exactly as mine did. Try what I suggested above.
  12. I would say get a cheap ring (<£10) to propose with, but leave the style decisions down to her for a proper one (make sure she knows the plan as you propose!) She needs to be happy and comfortable with what is going to be on her finger so she is probably the best person to ask and choose. I also wouldn't pay too much mind to the old 1/2 salary etc etc thing that seems to be brought up with engagement rings. I'm sure it is something constructed by the jewellery industry. As long as you are both happy with it, that is all that matters.
  13. I've never stayed with the same insurance company for more than 2 years. In the old days it was an honest to God business where they were there to help if you needed it. Now its just money-grabbing, and so if they won't show loyalty, neither will I. How is it possible for me to get a cheaper rate (with the same NCD as I switched mid policy) on a 2013 ST-2, than on my 2009 1.4 TDCI? It doesn't make any sense. If you do have to claim, it doesn't matter which company you are with, they will do everything in their power to get out of paying up. A friend of my Dad has been an insurance assessor for +40 years and has told us about the changes, and how they have been briefed on reducing cost. It is essentially a wager against yourself, and you need to decide what your wager is.
  14. I was pleased with my deal on a used one. Went to the Evans Halshaw branch that gave me a deal when I bought my old car and was told "that's not how it works" when I mentioned them moving on price (Which lead to my wife exclaiming "what do you mean!? Of course that is how it works, that is how its always worked! You are a used car salesman, sell us a used car!") Maybe they didn't need the sale that month or something because we walked out. Had a good look around and found a guy on a well known car forum looking to sell his ST-2. He was actually a Ford engineer and had purchased it through their employee scheme. It still had finance on it but we very carefully negotiated that when it came to selling. This car was first sold to him new in September 2013, which makes it 15 months old, and I got it (after negotiation) for 12k. It has miles on it, sure, but the thing is spotless and has been properly cared for (he even gave me instructions on heating up and cooling down before/after driving) It is a decision only you can make, but this guy drove a 17k car off of the forecourt and sold it for 12k. These cars will hold their value as they are considered a modern classic, but I believe that value will be held after the initial point of sale. It's a personal choice, but there are plenty out there around this price point.