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  1. Loss Of Power Turbo?

    hello everyone my other half has got a focus tdci 115BHP 2003. i have had various problems but lets leave that for the moment. the car has suddenly lost power and its like the turbo is not working??? the car idle's ok and it drives ok but there is no ummmph when the turbo should kick in. i was always led to believe that if your turbo did not work on a diesel then it would run and idle like a bag of spanners. any ideas please.
  2. Trouble Starting.

    hello further to my original post i have now been told the problem is a cam sensor. its over heating and cutting the engine out. anyone with the same problems? how much to change or is it east to change? cheers
  3. Trouble Starting.

    hello my other halfs car is starting to have starting problems. 2003 tdci 115bhp focus. it would not start the other day but was turning over,the AA came and after undoing an injecter he told me i had a air lock in the fuel system. the car was then fine. it has since done it but started on its own a while later no AA needed. today pulled up at the filling station and it would not start, tried 2 times before leaving for a minute then it started and gave itself a loud rev and some black smoke blew out the back, described as it sounded like it was clearing something. so any ideas please? do you think it may be a split on the fuel syatem somewhere leaking air in? cheers
  4. floating feeling when conering?

    ok cheers thanks for your reply. any other ideas for the floating feeling?
  5. floating feeling when conering?

    also are anti roll bushes on both rear and front of the car? i am thinking the floating feeling seems all the drivers side. not specific to front or rear feeling.
  6. floating feeling when conering?

    hello yes sounds logical. would it pass a mot if there were on the way out? cos the car has got 12 months. do you know if it is a big job money wise?
  7. hello folks a bit of a strange one here. like the title says really when cornering when the weight and pressure is on the drivers side the the same side feels a bit kind of floating and dont feel stable. i think that describes it well. this is on sweeping bends not tight corners.it almost kind of dont feel safe, but is cos the car dont slide or move. the near side feels fine when cornering when pressure is on the near side. any ideas please?
  8. tdci clatter on start up.

    hello mine is inconsistant most of the time it apears to fire up ok and sometimes it makes a bit of a clatter. when you turn the key it starts with plenty of life no lasy slow starting. every now and then it needs to turns of the key to start it which i find a bit odd.
  9. tdci clatter on start up.

    that sounds bad. hope mine is not ready to go. the turbo is ok at the moment and like i said drives good. i think mayber that is the way they are as the the last post states.
  10. tdci clatter on start up.

    hello i have recently bought a focus tdci 115bhp 03 for the other half. when it starts up even when warm it sounds a bit clattery and a touch loud. when its running its sweet and drives good i am used to my passat 1.9tdi and dont hear such noises. any ideas folks? is that the way they are?
  11. air con locate?

    thanks i have found it as you lift the bonet its there at the front in the middle.
  12. air con locate?

    hello folks i am new on here my other half has just got her self a 1.8tdci (15bhp) zetec 03. 1st things first where do i locate the air con connecters under the bonnet to re gas? i am sure i will be on here alot getting familiar with the car. cheers