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  1. I have a Ford 3000 Cassette Deck in my Mondeo and have just purchased a Ford 2006 Cassette Deck off ebay, the connectors look identical on both units has anyone tried or know if the 2006 will work in my Mondeo. I'm not bothered about the controls on my steering column working, just if the 2006 stereo will work without altering any wiring. Thanks. :)
  2. Oh yes driverless cars, using an operating system made by Microsoft which Ford already does. I can imagine going down the motorway at 70mph and the car suddenly decides to bluescreen, please press cntrl alt delete or we will crash, how about a mid motorway reboot? lol
  3. Some of the Ford radios can be put on a timer to run without ignition on, mine does as I use it like this when im washing it or cleaning it out or doing odd jobs. Your Mondy is a lot newer than mine but I do have a red light that flashes on my dash its in my clock, its for the alarm.
  4. Have seen many posts on different forums about resetting ecu on mondeo mk3, one of the questions asked was how do you know its reset? I reset mine this morning, I just removed my negative lead and went in the house for 15 mins and had a pot of tea. came back out reconnected negative lead and turned key to ignition on, if it has worked you should see both speedo and rev counter sweep across the dial then go back. When you start car up it may feel a little odd, as the ecu relearns itself, my fuel gauge moved around for a while too. Also please make sure you have your radio code before doing anything. Reason for my reset I had EML but no codes , this reset has turned the light out.
  5. A 1.8LX in gold, was bought as a spares car but im not so sure now? as its tested till Jan 16 and actually drives lovely cost me £200 These are sellers pics will do a photo shoot of both my cars tomorrow :)
  6. no he just said he got engine malfunction message so pulled over and switched off.
  7. could well be, just keep an eye on it. :)
  8. No its not that's the steering rack, looks like you have an engine or gearbox oil leak and its leaked on to the steering rack. I wouldn't have thought this was causing your balance problems.
  9. They should all open on the fob, I suspect if drivers door stays shut , there is a problem with the switch on that door. My Mondeo is 2002 and all doors open on the fob.
  10. Happy Birthday FordMondeo!

  11. Hi im having the same issue on my 2002 Mondeo, have been told its the cable under the passenger seat and to disconnect and reconecy it. have not tried it yet but will report back when I do
  12. I like the show but im begining to find Clarkson a little bit annoying, the "its all about me" crap is getting old now he needs to change tack and be a little bit more human
  13. When i leave Harwich on the A120 to go to work within 5 mins i come across an idiot, the road attracts idiots who insist on doing 30mph on a 70 road.