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  1. Focus MK2.5 alarm stopped working?

    I think so... it was a long time ago though. Any particular setting I should look out for? All I remember doing was enabling that one setting.
  2. Focus MK2.5 alarm stopped working?

    I did use ELMconfig but just to enable autolock when the car starts moving. And it's the standard horn alarm.
  3. Focus MK2.5 alarm stopped working?

    Thanks anyway, hopefully someone else can chime in...
  4. Focus MK2.5 alarm stopped working?

    Hmmm.. when my bonnet is open I do get the "bonnet open" indication on the dash. So I guess the switch is working fine, meaning there must be another issue with the alarm not working?
  5. Focus MK2.5 alarm stopped working?

    Is there some other way I can trigger the alarm to test? Not sure where the bonnet switch is?
  6. Hi guys I remember when I used to open my bonnet while forgetting to unlock the car first, the alarm would trigger. Not sure what else would trigger it so I haven't been able to test other scenarios, but now I can open the bonnet while the car is locked and the alarm won't trigger. No clue how I can diagnose this to get the alarm working again, so any information would be most appreciated. Thanks
  7. Problem with stalk audio controls (MK2.5)

    Hey guys sorry for the delay on this. In the last few weeks the stalk stopped working completely. I did manage to pull the stalk out of the steering column by depressing the little slot behind it, all the cables were fine and no issue there. I then decided to undo all the wired remote wiring from the head unit and adapters, and then reconnecting everything ensuring it was all secure, and it started working. I only played with it for a few seconds to make sure all the buttons were working fine and they were. I'll keep an eye on it over the next few weeks to see if the buttons start firing the wrong action again, and if so then I'll take the stalk controls apart and give them a clean.
  8. HI, just purchased the honey comb grilles off eBay an was just wondering how you remove the lower grill, it seems so hard too pull off I don't want too damage anything 🙈 Cheers for the help 


    1. djsubtronic


      Hey, it's a bit of a struggle if I remember. It's held in by clips and in the end I just brute forced it off. The only thing that ended up getting damaged was the actual clips on the old grille and nothing on the bumper.

  9. Problem with stalk audio controls (MK2.5)

    Thanks :) I'll give this a go and report back... not that I have a clue what to look for, but maybe I'll just give the circuit a good clean with some IPA.
  10. Problem with stalk audio controls (MK2.5)

    Thanks for the reply. Any idea how to go about disassembling the stalk?
  11. Hi guys Around a year ago my stalk controls started acting dodgy out of nowhere. For example, next track would sometimes go previous track. It was quite sporadic so I paid it no mind. It almost seemd heat related. Over time though the problem has grown and the issue is almost consistently present, the buttons now work properly very rarely and tend to just have a mind of their own. All four buttons (skip back/forward, vol up/down) will start doing completely incorrect operations. I've had times when all the buttons just increase the volume. If it makes any difference, I am using an adapter with a Pioneer headunit. The headunit is of course fine and all the buttons on the unit itself work normally. Anyone experienced something like this before? Is it likely to do with the stalk itself or the adapter? (I've unplugged and reset the adapter also to no avail). Thanks
  12. Submarine light

    Just generally curious, what is the point of these "submarine" lights? Is it just for a visual effect or is there some functional reason behind em?
  13. Timing belt change - should I?

    Have the same car/engine as you and recently had my timing belt and water pump replaced at around 75k miles. I bought the timing belt kit and water pump from Eurocarparts (totalling about 75, I think) and had the work done by a reputable local independent garage which was about 270.
  14. Are you sure the battery reset would do something like this? I've disconnected my battery numerous times since deleting the snorkel and not noticed anything different.