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  1. I've got a few engine problems I could do with some advice on if possible, possibly related, maybe not. For a while I've had excessive oil consumption, getting worse recently. It (1.6l 2001 petrol focus) is getting through a lot - a litre in ~500 miles! There's no obvious leaks anywhere, we've had a good look, no puddles where it's parked, and no obvious indication of it burning it, but it must be going somewhere. I think the main problem with it is me! Much to my annoyance and embarrasment, I managed to stupidly leave the oil cap off after re-filling once. I only noticed (at the end of a long trip) as it was making a funny whining noise when I depress the clutch (ie when my foot is on the peddle). No oil light went on, but it does work as on when I start up. The garage that got me a new cap refilled with 3 litres (capacity =4.5!). Oil had splattered all over the place, I don't think 3 litres of it though maybe 1 to 2 litres. So I don't know if the noise is from oil being somewhere it should be (have given it a good clean), or from engine damage from running on too little oil. Any ideas? The noise is every time I put my foot on the peddle, goes away as soon as I take it off, happens going up through all gears, all speeds. Maybe it is slightly better than when it first happened, a few weeks ago, but something definately isn't right. It's a whining whirry noise, fairly low pichted, not a squeak or squeal (though there is one of those intermittently too, but that's another story (I think!) These could be separate issues or related, I think the latter (as oil consumption was high before) but I'm not sure. Any thoughts/advice much appreciated - thanks!