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  1. How long do you keep your car for.

    Tom, your not the local car thief are you 😂😂😂 3 hours, that must have been a get away car 😂😂😂 awesome
  2. Hi!

    Welcome home buddy 👍
  3. Did the earth move for you.

    Lol, apparently it caused £4.50 worth of damage in Merthyr Tydfil, cars even fell of their block's. The local council have set up an appeal for donations of pot noodles and shell suites.
  4. Doing some D.I.Y. this afternoon, and then OMFG my house started shaking along with a really loud rumbling noise. My first reaction was a plane crashed really close by, as I live under the main flight path to America, only last night I was watching a program about the Lockerbie disaster. Thankfully it was ONLY a small earthquake, it really scared me for a minute. Went out into the street and all my neighbours were out as well. Turns out the epicenter of the earthquake was about 10 miles away, really unnerving experience. Did the earth move for anyone else ?
  5. Newbie from devon

    Hi Nath' welcome to the best owners club on the planet.
  6. You lot are all my friends 🤗🤗😂😂👍👍
  7. Headlight bulbs

    Oohhh naughty naughty, I was looking at them, but they're not road legal are they ? Ain't they 80watt bulbs or something like that?
  8. Swapping to alloys (size help)

    As an HGV driver myself, we "sit" on the inside lane as that's where every vehicle should be, we are not allowed in lane 3 (the overtaking lane) we can only use lane 1 and 2. Imagine if we were to hog lane 2 to save lane 1 there'd be uproar and middle fingers being shown all over the place. My HGV can gross out at 44 tones that's roughly the same weight as 30 cars, Don't forget guys, EVERYTHING in your home comes by trucks, without us you get nothing.😉😉
  9. How low do you go before refuelling?

    I refueled this morning with 12 miles left to go. I've always refueled like this since I started driving 30 odd years ago, never had a problem and never run out of fuel. I don't think in all that time I've filled my tank to the brim more than a handful of times. It always £10 here, £20 there, ect. If I'm planning on a long journey I calculated the milage and work out roughly how much fuel I'll use and put in that amount plus an extra fiver or tener. Don't know why I'm like this, it's just what I've done since starting to drive. As Luke said I've NEVER had a problem.
  10. headlining from mk2 focus st225

    Yeah put up a "how to" guys, I'm thinking of doing mine in the near future.
  11. 200 round trip

    200 miles in a Tank, that'll take you ages 🤣🤣🤣 I'd just put some redex in or something, and give it a bit of an "Italian" tune.
  12. Hi there Dave' Thinking of doing this myself as I don't have Bluetooth in my car, can you elaborate on what set up/extras you've fitted please. Don't want to pay hundreds for it as I'm never in the car long enough to listen to it for ages. But it would be nice to have Bluetooth for my music collection on my phone and to answer my phone ( not that I get many phone calls ) # got no friends lol
  13. My Mk3 ZS - Brake Suggestions

    Because on the MK2.5 only the 2.0 litre petrol and the 1.8 and 2.0 litre diesel had the 300 mm front discs, all other size engine's had the 278mm discs, apart from the ST which had 320 front and 300mm rears. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong 😉 By the way, mines a pint of Stella Artois 🍺🍺🍺
  14. Lol you'll be fine Dame' any way it's no big issues for us car saviours 💪