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  1. wilto

    Focus MK2.5 ST headlining

    Thanks guys, I've got the white clips all intact on the kit I bought also it's got the washer pipe attached too. The only thing it didn't come with was the front courtesy light, but I already have one on my existing headlining. So is this the correct order to strip out. Remove A pillar trim. Remove B pillar trim along with seat belt. Also trim above rear window (mine's a 3 door) Remove C pillar trim. Remove D pillar trim Remove grab handles and sun visors. Remove headlining. Does this sound about right? Thanks for your help guys.
  2. wilto

    Focus MK2.5 ST headlining

    Thanks guys, the only thing is I'm going to be doing it on my own, ha should be fun,
  3. Just received a 3 door ST headlining kit off eBay for father's Day. I know some members on here have done the same swap, what I want to know is:- A, Is there a guide to fitting it somewhere? B, What are, if any, problems I may encounter I have the headlining, A,B and C, pillar trims grab handles etc. My current setup looks the same as the ST one only mine is that horrible cream colour, and the ST is dark gray. Any advice lads, thanks in advance, Chris.
  4. wilto

    MK2 Boot Floor Insert?

    That's what I was thinking, I'm no noah, I'd never be able to build an ark, but was thinking of making something out of MDF just don't know how to get around the curves of the tyre, I'll probably just leave it if I'm honest, I've never got time to spit let alone build a boot enclosure, 63 hours on nights last week, s every week's the same, still got gel overlays to fit I've had since February 😟
  5. wilto

    MK2 Boot Floor Insert?

    Ahh I see, I've got 225/40/18 on my car so I'm guessing it won't fit, anyway I'm definitely not paying £85 for some foam, I thought they'd be about £20-£30.
  6. wilto

    MK2 Boot Floor Insert?

    Tom can you really get a full size wheel in there ? The picture looks like it's got the obligatory pram wheel in there with not a lot more room above the tyre to fit a full width alloy. Anyway I would also like to get one of these, look at all those cubby holes to put things in, brilliant, anyone got a part number?
  7. wilto

    MK3 RS Blue Caliper Colour

    Original Post No. Pantone 293C is the blue on the RS badge and brake calipers. I'm pretty sure the calipersare approximately the same color/shade as Nitrous Blue (minus the gold metallic flakes) and the front and rear RS badges are 293c got this from another website, I think it's American though. Hope this helps.
  8. wilto

    Focus tailgate loom

    The only other wiring I can see for the tailgate is a "jumper wire" Dar' the Finis number for that is 1380063.
  9. wilto

    Focus tailgate loom

    Try these eBay listings Dar' eBay item number 232768482233 Or eBay item number 153041315678 There is another listing for our car, it's Finis no 1510411 but can't find anything on eBay with that number. Hope these help.
  10. wilto

    KPG: I'm back ! (New Build Thread)

    Welcome back pal, good to see another member of :- TEAM RED FOCUS 😂😂👍👍
  11. wilto


    I couldn't work that one out either.
  12. wilto

    roof down focus cc3

    WTF ??????
  13. wilto

    Would this headliner fit

    Liking the ST headlining Darren, this is the next mod on my list along with 300mm front discs, how difficult was it to fit ? Did you do a walk through? TBH it doesn't look like a major job, or am I missing something.
  14. wilto

    MK3 Focus - What not to do with FoCCCus...

    Tunnelrats is where I bought mine from, worked perfectly when I trying to activate cruise control, the only problem was the person trying to use it, totally bricked my car for 3 days. Needless to say I've never used it since, it's been stashed away in some cupboard somewhere, God knows where.
  15. wilto

    Shell V-Power, is it any good?

    Yep, got to be done at least twice a year 😵