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  1. wilto

    16 or 17 alloys

    I'm running the exact same tyres, bought on eBay January 2018, done approx 14000 miles, no problems what so ever and only £38 per tyre plus fitting, which I payed £7.50. I am too much of a tight git to buy branded tyres, I've only ever used budget tyres on my cars, and I've been driving 35 years this year and never lost control and crashed a car yet (touch wood) 🤞🤞🤞🤞
  2. Your car ( and most 2.5s) look timeless, Ford really broke the mold when they designed it, not looking to replace mine for another 6 years hopefully. I like to keep my cars for around 9 to 10 years, that way I'm getting the benefits of what I've spent on them. I'm around halfway through my ownership atm, so my next purchase should be a car that's been built this year, haven't seen anything that has wowed me atm.
  3. Definitely go for it Paul, they'll look great on a white car I'm sure. Like I said I've had mine for around 3 years now, my missus bought them for me as a Christmas present I think they were around £110.
  4. Bought mine from underground parts on eBay a couple of year's ago. My car is a Zetec S. Older photo top, newer photo bottom.
  5. Is this an April fools joke, it's been posted Monday April 1st. Good one though 👍
  6. Just watched the whole series of Bodyguard on Netflix, absolutely ***** totally awesome, stunning
  7. Thank god for sisters hey
  8. That's lucky Lenny, in Wales the shops don't open till 10:30 on Sunday. My daughter works in Swansea and she said it was as busy as Christmas yesterday.
  9. Quick update, after taking Damian's advice on the BG109 two weeks in and oil STILL on max. Thanks buddy 👍 🤞
  10. What gets my 🐐 up is, just because some cars are on a PCP plan or other kind of "rented" scheme and they are unable to do such minor cosmetic mods, those of us who actually own they're cars have to pay a senseless premium to make them look and perform better. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
  11. Wow fair play to you Peter 👍
  12. If you look at me before I leave the house, I look like I'm doing a Bavarian dance, slapping my ***** and legs making sure I've got everything
  13. Lenny showing off his version of j Lenno's collection 😋