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  1. I've had them done over 2 years now, by a guy who has fitted literally hundreds over the years, he is a totally professional guy. He travels all over the UK arranging meets for people who want them fitted. I don't know if he's still doing them, try searching Facebook for "Nick ST parts" he's the man you need to get in touch with.
  2. If you're going to bigger discs you will also need bigger caliper carriers, otherwise your calipers won't fit.
  3. Looking great pal, i sprayed mine a few years ago but it kept getting stone chips, it looked terrible, so I wrapped it with carbon fibre wrap, it's stayed lovely ever since.
  4. I've got a K&N filter in my 1.8, and I don't see much of a difference tbh.
  5. Haaayyy it's my long lost older brother. 😋 Nice looking car buddy 👍
  6. Don't know if mine is lowered, but I know it's got the Ford coil springs with the coloured bands on them.
  7. As I tend to buy my cars outright when they are around 5 years old, and keep them for about 9 to 10 years, this is the car I will probably be buying in 5 years time, unless I win the lottery 🤞
  8. Nice looking car pal 👍
  9. wilto

    16 or 17 alloys

    I'm running the exact same tyres, bought on eBay January 2018, done approx 14000 miles, no problems what so ever and only £38 per tyre plus fitting, which I payed £7.50. I am too much of a tight git to buy branded tyres, I've only ever used budget tyres on my cars, and I've been driving 35 years this year and never lost control and crashed a car yet (touch wood) 🤞🤞🤞🤞
  10. Your car ( and most 2.5s) look timeless, Ford really broke the mold when they designed it, not looking to replace mine for another 6 years hopefully. I like to keep my cars for around 9 to 10 years, that way I'm getting the benefits of what I've spent on them. I'm around halfway through my ownership atm, so my next purchase should be a car that's been built this year, haven't seen anything that has wowed me atm.