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  1. Spark plug choices!!

    I bought my set from a Ford seller on eBay, genuine Ford ones. I fitted them when I got the car in September 2015, been in since car has done about 25,000 in that time with no issues at all.
  2. MK2.5 1.8 petrol hanging onto revs

    Good luck, it's tucked away down behind the inlet manifold.
  3. Fair play to you, you've done an excellent job of spraying them, car is looking really stealthy, nice.
  4. Opinions please

    Top one's IN that colour, don't go black, black wheels look *****.
  5. 2006 focus 2.0 petrol-losing all its oil

    I've seen reconditioned heads on eBay for about £250, plus obviously you got the labour costs as well.
  6. 2006 focus 2.0 petrol-losing all its oil

    Definitely check it at least twice a week if I were you, just to monitor how much oil it's using, as a rough guide it takes about 1litre of oil to move the level from min to max on the dipstick. Get a 5 litre can of reasonably cheap oil and share it out into 5 empty plastic one litre water bottles and keep them handy in the boot.
  7. 2006 focus 2.0 petrol-losing all its oil

    The oil level on the Duratec is quite a confusing issue, I get the same issue as you, plus it also has a common fault of oil control rings sticking allowing a small amount of oil to bypass the rings into the combination chamber. As the guy's have said, pull the dipstick out give it a wipe, give it a minute or so then I put the dipstick back in and turn it 360° and check it again, that's the method that works for me. Obviously check your oil level on a weekly basis the same you would any car.
  8. Looking for some wheels

    I'm running on 225/40/18s on RS replica rims and like You've said I don't have any place to store an extra set of wheels or tyres, plus Id have to either get them swapped over twice a year or buy another set of RS wheels to fit the winter tyres to, as the car wouldn't look right on smaller wheels/tyres. Think I'm lucky not to have massive snowfalls in my area, and work is only 4 miles away on well treated A roads and duel carriage way.
  9. **For Sale** Ford focus ST 2.5, 5 dr

    I know where your coming from Clive, I'm fed up of DIY at the moment. Oohhh this will look nice, that will look nice AAAHHHH 😟😟😵😵🖌️🔨 @AndreJames get some pictures of it uploaded
  10. Is my alternator failing

    Just been pricing up some alternators, ranging from £120 referbished to a whopping £290 for a new one from Ford's, I will see how it goes in the next couple of weeks, at the moment it spins the engine brilliantly and fires up straight away, no issues with alternator light, im tending to lean towards the engine bay/ drive belt being damp and slipping ever so slightly on start up. As I said earlier it only seems to happen when I've driven either to or from work in the rain, parked up, got back in 12 hours later, started engine and wipers still on, wipers wipe across the screen for the first three or four sweeps quite slow, give it a quick blip on the throttle, and they go back to normal speed.
  11. Is my alternator failing

    Never changed the battery, it's been on there since I bought it, do you mean the headlights flashing? don't normally start the car with the headlights on. If you do mean headlights I'll check next time I start the car in the dark.
  12. I've noticed over the last couple of weeks that if I get in the car some hours after I've parked up and it was raining when I parked, when starting up the engine obviously the wipers are still in the on position, the wipers sweep across the windscreen really slow for about 5 to 10 seconds. It's still raining by the way. I'm thinking it's either the alternator on the way out or moisture on the drive belt, and it slips slightly until the moisture disappeares. Anyone else found the same issue as this? engine is 1.8 Duratec. And also I removed my engine undertray about 18 months ago. TIA Chris
  13. Slow site?

    Been having the same issues as well, also was having a you tube survey pop up as well, I think there is something wrong with the server.
  14. Autobeam LED bulbs

    Did you put a blue/purple filter on that pic by any chance, as there is a purplish hue in the foreground? Or did someone spill some purple paint on the pavement 😂
  15. Raging

    GGGGGRRRRRRRR AAAHHHH it's happening to me now. Could it be Android related ??