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  1. It is a nice looking car mind Tom 😋
  2. Hah I think like that all the time, mine is and has been running like a watch for some time now, apart from the poor oil and fuel consumption ( which I've learned to live with ) it's very reliable. I am paranoid about the highish milage (123,000) to the point I'm constantly looking on eBay for low milage engine's thinking mine is going to give up the ghost any minute. Just passed MOT last with only a couple of advisories, oh the joys of owning an aging car, maybe I should just jump on the " new car every three years" band wagon PCP thing, no more worries then, ah but then I'll have to fork out £300 per month for a car I don't own then, instead of paying nothing for a car that's mine. aaarrrgggg decision's decisions 🤔
  3. Just round the corner then Jon 🤣
  4. I know it's probably poisonous, but I've always tested antifreeze by putting some on my finger and then touching my tongue, I then spit it out straight away and rinse my mouth with water, it tastes really sweet. Health and safety warning. Please don't try this at home.
  5. OMG I'm soooo far behind the times with my 2010 Zeetec S I haven't even got blue teeth 😝😕
  6. wilto


    Never had/used premium tyres on any of my cars ( oh I did have Avon tyres on a Capri 2.8i back in the eighty's, were on the car when I bought it) have ALWAYS used budget tyres only ever paying £45-£55 per corner. I might be lucky but have never lost control of a car yet, I always drive to the condition of the weather and I know the limits of my driving. Currently have 225/40/18 Zeetec HP2000 VFM on all four corners, cost me £180 for four fitted and so far just like the rest of the budgets I've fitted over the years are just fine.
  7. Totally agree with Stef, when my clutch went my slave cylinder was ok, but to avoid a £300 bill later down the line I changed it anyway. I think the difference was £70
  8. Hi Lars, thanks for the kind comments, the wheels are 18 inch RS replica, were on the car when I bought it. I totally agree with your comments on the splitter, the pictures don't really do it for me, that's why I haven't bought one. I was thinking of getting the ST splitter because those look better but don't know if they will fit my car.
  9. I was brought up on a chalk board and abacus 😂😂😂
  10. Not an easy job, but it took me and my mechanic about 4 hours start to finish, had a couple of problems along the way, such as the old back plates coming off, once everything was of off though putting it all back together wasn't that difficult, apart from the new handbrake cables.
  11. I payed I think close to £200 for my LUK clutch kit and bearing, could have got a cheaper one but went for one of the better brands, and a friend of mine who own a garage charged me £250 to fit.
  12. Don't forget a 55 will have a smaller ( skinnier) side wall than a 65 (10 percent difference in tyre width/ sidewall ratio)
  13. Trust us, if you've been on here as long as we have, you'll know wilco is one of, if not the most informative people on here. He has helped out countless people on here who have either got stuck doing something, or has offered invaluable information to their cause.
  14. After reading Wilco's review on brake pads and disc's a few weeks ago, I am also converting to ceramic pads when I change my discs and pads in a few weeks time. I am converting my fronts to 300mm pagid discs and I've seen a good price on some TRW Dtec pads, I have to say though, my last set up were eicher pads and disc's from euro car parts, been on the car now for two and a half years now and have performed perfectly ok with very little brake dust.