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  1. wilto

    Number Plates

    To be honest Clive, there are far to many "illegal" plates out there, I wish more of them would get pulled. I got pulled twice by Dyfed Powys police in the early days of having my plates (incorrect Font and spacing) and subsequently had my plates revoked by the DVLA. It took my 8 months of pleading and grovelling to the DVLA to get them back, and was told if I was stopped again with illegal plates, I would loose them forever. Since then, I've compiled with the law regarding my plates, but I get so bitter when I see illegal plates now, I think how is he allowed to get away with it ?
  2. wilto

    Selling brake discs for scrap?

    Sell them to the local kids as frisbees 😂😂
  3. wilto

    Worst Mods You've Ever Seen?

    I once seen a late type Granada while out spectating on the Wales rally GB, it had painted on numbers on the door and a catering size baked beans tin somehow attached the the back box, among other hilerious stuff, I nearly went off the road in histerics when it went by. The guy honestly thought he was Colin McRae.
  4. wilto

    My Focus Mk2 Ghia

    Looking nice eddy 👍
  5. wilto

    WeatherTech mats.... Good deal on

    Personally I couldn't justify £100 for car mats, My daughter bought me a nice set of rubber ones with a honeycomb design with red piping and focus logo nearly 3 years ago, drivers one looking a bit tired now but can't find them anywhere now. They were £29 for a full set. Gutted.
  6. wilto

    Mk3 convert rear drums to discs?

    The centre cable from the handbrake to the second cable should be the same, the cable that runs to each wheel is the one that's different.
  7. wilto

    Oil And Sponge In Air Filter Enclosure

    The finis number is 1694449 Pop that number into eBay search and you should see some.
  8. That's an even better one, and cheaper 👍
  9. Really like the look of that unit, if only I had a spare £280 😥
  10. wilto

    Focus MK2.5 ST headlining

    Cheers lads, just need to find time to do it now, so many jobs need finishing in the house at the moment 🤔🤔 not enough hours in the day, constantly working 60 plus hours a week on nights.
  11. wilto

    mk2.5 grills

    I fitted the ST type grills on mine about 6 months after I bought the car. Had them off eBay from a seller called Underground parts Just been on Thier website and the 3 part kit ( upper and lower grills and fog light surrounds) are sold out, but give them a ring and they may tell you when they are back in stock.
  12. wilto

    Focus MK2.5 ST headlining

    Cheers yunii, would you say the stripping out order I posted would be about right. I'm going to get 4 wooden battens made up so I can wedge up the headlining as I go, as I'm going to be doing it on my own. Is the seatbelt removal a pain?
  13. wilto

    Focus MK2.5 ST headlining

    Thanks guys, I've got the white clips all intact on the kit I bought also it's got the washer pipe attached too. The only thing it didn't come with was the front courtesy light, but I already have one on my existing headlining. So is this the correct order to strip out. Remove A pillar trim. Remove B pillar trim along with seat belt. Also trim above rear window (mine's a 3 door) Remove C pillar trim. Remove D pillar trim Remove grab handles and sun visors. Remove headlining. Does this sound about right? Thanks for your help guys.
  14. wilto

    Focus MK2.5 ST headlining

    Thanks guys, the only thing is I'm going to be doing it on my own, ha should be fun,
  15. Just received a 3 door ST headlining kit off eBay for father's Day. I know some members on here have done the same swap, what I want to know is:- A, Is there a guide to fitting it somewhere? B, What are, if any, problems I may encounter I have the headlining, A,B and C, pillar trims grab handles etc. My current setup looks the same as the ST one only mine is that horrible cream colour, and the ST is dark gray. Any advice lads, thanks in advance, Chris.