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  1. 🤣 sorry, Wales in total lockdown again and to many kronenbourg 1664s. I'll shut my mouth now.
  2. I reckon it's the flux capacitor malfunction Doc brown should be able to fix it in time.
  3. My 1.8 petrol is on 131000 at the moment, had 5 years now, it was quite high mileage when I bought it at 82000, I'm hoping 🤞 that I can keep it for another 5 years, by then it should be on about 180000. The only thing I have had to fork out for was when my clutch went on 92000 when I was 25 miles away from home I drove it without the clutch for about 20 miles only to find out after having it replaced, I had damaged the second gear synchromesh. Had to take the gearbox out and get it rebuilt, private warranty wouldn't pay up as they said it was wear and tear.
  4. He want to change the gearbox oil.
  5. Breaking news...... Got in car today, started engine, lights out, the only thing I noticed that was different was the ABS "clunk" you get after pulling off, happened about 10 seconds earlier than what it used to be. Don't know if that has any significance or not, I'll see if it's ok tomorrow.
  6. Done a scan with my elm and forscan, and it didn't throw up anything ??
  7. Hi guys, ABS and traction control lights came on yesterday, done some research, and thought I'd start with the easiest, the fuse. Apparently the fuses are located in the engine bay fuse box, fuses 7, 8 and 19 when I opened up the box all I saw in that location was a black square box and no typical "fuses" I tried to pull it out but couldn't. Any help would be appreciated 👍 P.s. not my fuse box, internet image.
  8. Most new cars leave the factory with a one piece exhaust, when a defective section goes, you normally buy the new piece, and the defective piece is cut off and the new one added.
  9. That's a decent price, are you changing the water pump as well? People advise to get this done the same time as the cam belt due to the position of the water pump.
  10. My local garage charged me £40 each side when I replaced my front wheel bearings earlier this year, I always get my parts myself and get him to fit them, that way I can take my time finding decent quality parts, not the cheapest no name one's they source from their suppliers, that they normally add a bit on to.
  11. No I want to stick with halogen, but convert the dipped beam (H7) to a dipped and full beam (H4) but don't know if the reflector will give off any more light as it's meant to be a dipped light.
  12. Was just reading this https://www.autobulbsdirect.co.uk/blog/are-led-headlight-bulbs-the-brightest/ Then came on here, what a coincidence, I was looking to convert my H7 headlight bulbs to H4, but haven't found a way yet.
  13. I've got a duratec engine, and the same happens to me, what I do, is all of the above, but when re inserting the dipstick after wiping it (no smutty innuendos please) I also turn the dipstick 360° a couple of times and that seems to get a better reading. Don't know why it does this but someone mentioned it to me on here a few years ago.
  14. This is my Zetec S with 18" RS replica alloys, no issues with rubbing at all.
  15. My car outside Neath railway station June 2018