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  1. Hello all It's with a heavy heart I am for only the second time in my 38 years of driving, switching to a different manufacturer. I said goodbye to my Focus two weeks ago, after struggling with the high fuel consumption and jobs that needed for the next MOT. I was going to get another focus, a mk3.5 zetec s or an ST line, but couldn't get the right balance I wanted between performance, economy and price. So after hours and hours looking on auto trader and doing my own head in researching various similar size cars, I finally decided on this. It's a 2018 Leon FR technology 1.4 Ecotsi 150, with 23000 miles. WHAT A CAR If I drive it the same as I used to drive my Focus I can get 45mpg, my Focus could only manage 27-28 mpg. I've not yet taken it for a long run, but it has the active cylinder technology, that switches to two cylinder mode when not ender load. So far 🤞 I can honestly say it's the best car I've ever owned. I will miss you guys, I've really enjoyed being part of this community, we've had loads of fun and banter over the years, plus the help and advice we've all shared had been invaluable. Maybe one day I will come back to my favourite car maker, but for now I will be driving a Seat. Hope you all stay safe and well and give plenty of love to your Ford. All the best Chris (Wilto)
  2. I had my RS spoiler from maxton design, excellent fit.
  3. Yeah I've also watched that video as well, I might have a bash in the spring when the weather gets a bit warmer. Was really shocked yesterday when pricing the pcv valve and hose, £14.99 for the valve, and £46.99 for the hose 😱
  4. How long did it take you to remove it? And is there anything that needs to be removed to gain access to the manifold.
  5. Exactly right Steven, if you look at the rally cars in Scandinavia, they all have super skinny studded tyres to deal withe the high speed on the snow and ice.
  6. Not an expert, but maybe the exhaust knocking?
  7. I threw my ST spoiler in the skip last year, tried selling it no takers.
  8. Salt ? Vinegar ? Am I on the walker's crisps forum or what ? 🤦
  9. Hi dame' did you do that job yourself ? I've been wanting to do mine but it looks a right pain in the a*** to get the inlet manifold off. Just out of interest mate, what was reason for changing them. I've got two long standing issues with mine. 1, poor oil consumption 2, poor fuel consumption No codes being thrown up on forscan, except for clutch pedal out of something.
  10. The bulbs have a very small blue tint, but not really noticeable, they are a nice bright white light that gives a much better illumination on the road, I never get any oncoming motorists flash me, because they are too bright. When I bought them I knew they weren't road legal, but hey ho, there are far more " illegal" cars driving around with a lot more wrong that a couple of bulbs, 25 watts more than they should.
  11. I bought these over two years ago, absolutely brilliant bulbs, can't fault them at all
  12. Wishing you all a very happy Christmas (under the current circumstances) and a hopeful new year.
  13. I had a Capri 2.8i back in the 80s, Caspian blue, pepper pot alloys, full twin janspeed exhaust, absolutely loved it, used to show it as well, I remember diceing (racing) with a fellow petrol heads MK1 Astra GTE we were side by side doing 110mph on a duel carriage way going into Swansea, going round a fast sweeping right hander the back decided to skip out, how I managed to keep it on the road I'll never know. Before that my first car a 1.3 GL ford escort MK2 part exchange for- Escort 1300 sport in Modena green with white decals. Wrote that off then bought: Capri 2.0S in gold with tan vinyl roof then part exchange it for the 2.8 Capri, was going to buy a XR4i but when I went back there after getting my bank loan (remember them no PCP in them days) he had sold it. Steven I lusted after a 1.9 GTi, but was always out of my price range as they were quite new models. Do you remember the 309 GTi's
  14. Perhaps he's Santa Claus 🎅
  15. 🤣 sorry, Wales in total lockdown again and to many kronenbourg 1664s. I'll shut my mouth now.
  16. I reckon it's the flux capacitor malfunction Doc brown should be able to fix it in time.
  17. My 1.8 petrol is on 131000 at the moment, had 5 years now, it was quite high mileage when I bought it at 82000, I'm hoping 🤞 that I can keep it for another 5 years, by then it should be on about 180000. The only thing I have had to fork out for was when my clutch went on 92000 when I was 25 miles away from home I drove it without the clutch for about 20 miles only to find out after having it replaced, I had damaged the second gear synchromesh. Had to take the gearbox out and get it rebuilt, private warranty wouldn't pay up as they said it was wear and tear.
  18. He want to change the gearbox oil.
  19. Breaking news...... Got in car today, started engine, lights out, the only thing I noticed that was different was the ABS "clunk" you get after pulling off, happened about 10 seconds earlier than what it used to be. Don't know if that has any significance or not, I'll see if it's ok tomorrow.
  20. Done a scan with my elm and forscan, and it didn't throw up anything ??
  21. Hi guys, ABS and traction control lights came on yesterday, done some research, and thought I'd start with the easiest, the fuse. Apparently the fuses are located in the engine bay fuse box, fuses 7, 8 and 19 when I opened up the box all I saw in that location was a black square box and no typical "fuses" I tried to pull it out but couldn't. Any help would be appreciated 👍 P.s. not my fuse box, internet image.
  22. Most new cars leave the factory with a one piece exhaust, when a defective section goes, you normally buy the new piece, and the defective piece is cut off and the new one added.
  23. That's a decent price, are you changing the water pump as well? People advise to get this done the same time as the cam belt due to the position of the water pump.
  24. My local garage charged me £40 each side when I replaced my front wheel bearings earlier this year, I always get my parts myself and get him to fit them, that way I can take my time finding decent quality parts, not the cheapest no name one's they source from their suppliers, that they normally add a bit on to.
  25. No I want to stick with halogen, but convert the dipped beam (H7) to a dipped and full beam (H4) but don't know if the reflector will give off any more light as it's meant to be a dipped light.
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