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  1. Happy Birthday Luke Pompey!

  2. New Zetec S Stereo - Fitting Sub

    That's the guide I followed for my previous car. But like I said, the back of the head unit is different. There's a big black cable and a big white cable on the left of the head unit. On the right is one big block with much smaller compartments to get the wires into.
  3. Fly Eyes

    the light that comes through is fine until it rains. I'm guessing it's to do with the rain sitting between the mesh and not permitting as much light as it should. I will be upgrading my bulbs (standard at the mo) and hope the solves it.
  4. Hey there. I had a 58 plate Zetec and followed the guide on here to fit a sub and amp with the rca, phono converter thing. It all went well and worked for me for 3 years perfectly. I now have a 12 plate Zetec S. The connectors on the back of the head unit are different and I just can't get the RCA converter cables into the back of it. The cables are a struggle to get in but just slide right back out once their in. I'm not really that good with my souldering abilities so don't fancy doing that.My old zetec didn't have this problem. Has anyone fitted a sub and amp to the newer stereo? Or have an idea how to do it?
  5. Fly Eyes

    Had mine for about a month. Easy to fit and looks great.
  6. Fiesta Mk 7 MPG

    25 in my Zetec 1.25 :\
  7. I'll be there. Went to a Ford event there a few years ago. Had a blast!
  8. 18 months old with around 22k on the clock I've had issues with the stereo since day one, bass problems which i worked my way around with a new sound system. Ford just fobbed me off saying it was fine. My front passenger wheel has a very high pitch sqeek coming out of it when taking corners at low speed. And lately I've been having exhaust problems. The exhaust is VERY loud, I'm only getting 33MPG (1.25 Zetec) and loss of power. I took it to Fords but once again they just said it was fine (due to condensation aparently). So I took it elsewhere to find that the exhaust has problems. Drivers window makes a clonking noise when going down. Covers under front whell arches are loose due to the clips pulling out. Replaced both headlight bulbs TWICE. Probably more that i will remember later.
  9. ! Guide ! Installing A Sub Box To Mk7

    Thanks! Used your guides to get it all installed. Can't get a decent Earth tho :(
  10. Hey all ! ! !

    <<< --- The name's Luke. I currently own a Mk7 Fiesta Zetec in Panther Black (Defo the best colour for the Fiesta ;)) and I LOVE it, being the best car I've driven. Had a fiesta 2 years ago but only just found the forums, so here I am :)
  11. Piccies

    Wow! I'm jealous. Wish I could afford to do something like that :P. One day!
  12. mk7 stereo

    My car is booked in for 11am tomorrow because the bass seems to vanish when I take the volume over 16 :(