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  1. 2014 Fiesta ST2

    Alloys Question To The St Ecoboost Owners

    I took my car to a guy who repairs alloys today. He informed me that my alloys had already been repaired once already and they are flaking already because they did a tubing job. Considering I have only had the car about 2 months I thinking to take it back to the ford garage I got it from and asking them to repair them. Do you lot think they will do this or not??
  2. 2014 Fiesta ST2

    Alloys Question To The St Ecoboost Owners

    What if the are bad?
  3. 2014 Fiesta ST2

    Alloys Question To The St Ecoboost Owners

    How much to refurbish alloys anyone know as I am in the same position
  4. 2014 Fiesta ST2

    Dumb Vavle

    Well I'm looking for both.... I've always love the noise of a dump Vavle makes and yeah I agree you do get those 17/18 year old with little cars that have a big exhaust fitted that you can hear then before you see them and then they try and beat you off the lights and they just flop..
  5. 2014 Fiesta ST2

    Dumb Vavle

    Okay guys I've looked into the exhaust I'm going to be getting a straight through exhaust from the cat. Also been looking at blow off valves what's your opinion on them?? Also going to get a K&N air filter to fit inside the original air filter box for now
  6. 2014 Fiesta ST2

    St-2 First Service

    I just bought a 2014 st2 and it just had its first service. I didn't have to pay but I think it's because I had just bought it.
  7. 2014 Fiesta ST2

    Dumb Vavle

    What exhaust would you suggest I should invest in I would like my car to be able to make that popping noise
  8. 2014 Fiesta ST2

    New Member

    Hi and welcome fella.. glad you like your new purchase.... I have just bought a 2014 fiesta st2 love it
  9. 2014 Fiesta ST2


    Hi and welcome.
  10. 2014 Fiesta ST2

    Meet Around Verwood/bournemouth

    Hi all is there any meets happening around the verwood/bournemouth area coming up soon?
  11. 2014 Fiesta ST2

    Sync System

    Okay i was just wondering as I saw sync applications on in menu on my car and there was non on there so was wondering if you can install any.
  12. 2014 Fiesta ST2

    Sync System

    Hi all I was just wondering how do you install apps to the sync system on a 2014 fiesta st2.
  13. 2014 Fiesta ST2

    Interior Lights

    Thanks mate will post when I've done it
  14. 2014 Fiesta ST2

    Interior Lights

    So what wire do I need to attach to the glove box feed??
  15. 2014 Fiesta ST2

    Interior Lights

    Good evening I have a 2014 fiesta st2 and I was just wondering if there was a way to wire the lights that come on in the footwells to come on when I turn my lights on? Hope this is possible