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  1. @pbenroh ah, cheers mate.
  2. Cookey09

    Brother's Focus RS

    Out with the old.. in with the new..
  3. @pbenroh smart looking Focus you have there mate! Quick question, my brother has just got a 67 plate focus RS, but like yours, the puddle lamps on the mirrors are halogen yellow, does the plastic cap just pop off to change the bulb or does the mirror cap have to come off? And what bulbs sre used 501's? Cheers.
  4. Cookey09

    New member

  5. Cookey09

    New Owner - Fiesta ST-Line!

    Nice! Hope you enjoy it! It is a nippy little motor, I had a 1.0 100 Zetec 5door with the dress up kit as my first car! I loved it! Check my gallery out for photos! Not that your thinking of touching it right now, but i do have some intake pipes for sale that will fit your engine!😉
  6. Cookey09

    Mk8 Gripes

    Couldnt help you RE: 2 and 3, but i do know its possible to actually programme the car to lock its doors above the speed you desire. I can't remember how though... It is however through something that needs plugging and programming... im sure someone on here will point you in the right direction regarding this..
  7. Cookey09

    Stolen mods

    Not me. But my brother had his lower grille on his ST that he had painted gloss black by PaintModz, ripped out of his front bumper a month or two ago. They tried taking the gloss black fog surrounds too but couldnt as they wouldnt budge... It was outside our house in daytime! Shame we didnt catch them in the act!
  8. Cookey09

    Just joined

    Hi mate! Your better off posting in the sub-section "ford focus owners" you'll find it on the main forum page. You'll get an answer from there!
  9. Cookey09

    Hello peeps

    Hope it works out for you mate! Keep us updated!
  10. Cookey09

    Hey Everyone - New Owner

    Welcome mate!!
  11. Cookey09

    induction kit

    Spot on mate!
  12. Cookey09

    Induction kit help

    A few kits on this page that should fit. You'll have to click on each kit to read more about them and suitability for your car.
  13. Cookey09

    induction kit

    No problem mate! Fancy the crossover pipe? ;-)
  14. Cookey09

    induction kit

    I had one for sale a bit back, got rid of it for £190 ish -brand new.. also got a brand new secondary pipe for the 1.0 and an alloy crossover pipe if your interested mate? I've now got an ST-3 so no need for these parts.. I bought them brand new from auto specialists and put them on my 1.0 for like a day or two, before taking them off because of the ST i was getting. (Your gunna need a secondary intake hose for a better/more noticeable intake noise) Cookey.
  15. Cookey09

    Cookey's ST-3

    Welcome to my Fiesta ST-3! Molten Orange w/ molten orange interior and style pack.