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  1. @LukeJQuinnbeen following thia thread a while. Shame to hear about the accident mate! My battery on my car has run flat a few times. Had RAC out to boost the car, had to have my Dad come with Jump leads etc... once had it in at Ford for them to just recharge it over night and do a "software" update. Do you know if there was a batch number/specific battery that was fitted and what battery do you have now? Tia.
  2. Yesterday morning had mine ticking over... 🙄 Ford have become less and less reliable over the years.
  3. Great game to watch. Wasn't overly fussed if Messi didn't acheive his dream of WC. But, they were the better team and they won against France, making it slightly sweeter with them knocking us out and Mbappe not lifting the trophy after laughing at Harry Kane missing his pen 🤷‍♂️
  4. Annoying rattles come and go, I can't stand them! Had plenty over the years. Don't be blaming me if you can't refit the part. But if you pull the rubber seal on the door away. You can then probably prise or pull at the grey roof liner to get behind. Choose a soft filling of your prefence and pop back into place.
  5. Enjoyed reading this thread, to an extent... motoring can be annoying, frustrating and everything inbetween! I've had the same issue with my Mk4 ST edition, battery completely going flat, car deadlocking itself and had to have it charged up etc... interesting to see this though. Curious if the little pesky door light is the issue! Might have to give that a try myself... One issue at a time though... currently battling with a stiff/sticky/dry feel in the brake pedal accompanied with a "pssssh" when pressed. 71 plate, 13k miles.
  6. Hi all. Having the Milltek GPF Delete and GPF back exhaust installed on my mk8 fiesta ST, the dash is throwing up the engine warning light... i've been told this is due to the lambda sensors and the car thinking the GPF unit is still there. Does anyone have any experience or advice in this case? Also been told that the revo stage1 remap should irradicate the Engine Warning Light. Thanks, Cookey.
  7. Ah alright, just wondering if anyone is booked to go from yorkshire, would be a decent convoy down. i’ve a few stands to pick from i believe, gunna see what my mates are saying to be fair. I’m not too fussed which stand, just want to enjoy the day and not be parked in the public car park! & thanks! A lot has changed, i’ve chopped my Molten Orange ST-3 in for the new mk8st-3!
  8. Hi all! Not posted on here in a long time!! Is anyone on here going to Ford Fair in August? Moreso anyone going who is from up in Yorkshire? I’m looking for a bit of a convoy down that’s all. Cheers, Cookey (insta - PureCarsUK)
  9. HI mate, no I didnt, I opted to chop my 1.0ecoboost in for a new st3 not long after my post... I have heard forscan is the way to go or if you have a mate or are friendly enough with any ford dealers/mechanics they should be able to do it for you if you tell them it can be done through forscan... I do know however that autobeam.co.uk do h15 LED bulbs now, which I wish were available for when I had mine, let me know how you get on with it mate.
  10. Too much hassle to return and it'll do the job regardless, but I did click on your link you provided which takes us to the ST variant. Oh well... might get round to fitting it later. Got a good old microfibre cloth wedged there at the moment 😂
  11. Fair enough. Looks like I have plain version then. Is it just a lottery if you receive one with the ST badge on? Not too fussed, just wondering.
  12. Got mine delievered yesterday, expected to see an ST logo but instead I have DC-3d-Design engraved on...
  13. Before and after of my own car! 😎
  14. Thanks buddy! Caricature sketch I believe you’re talking about! if you fancy one done drop me a message mate. Cookey.
  15. Thanks! I am aware of WickedArts, always seen there products in keyrings, mugs etc... Mine were just an alternative something a little different, more sketcthy art as apposed to drawn clean. But if you fancy something, give me a shout! 👍
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