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  1. Should consider swapping out that chrome grille 😉

    1. fiesta1881


      Seen a honeycomb on ebay, how easy to fit?

    2. Cookey09


      Really easy mate! I picked mine up for around £65 on ebay😏

  2. Gorgeous motor you have mate! Really nice! I love the deep impact blue Focus Zetec S! 👍🏻👍🏻

  3. Like the new motor! Love that grill! 

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    2. Cookey09


      The fiesta does look sleeker and more pronounced. But the focus still looks class. What's the active grill shutters?

    3. mikeyd1


      They are at the front and they open and close like blinds on front of car to reduce drag and help with quick warming but i guy on here hes failed and stayed closed and it cooked the engine 

    4. Cookey09


      Ah right, understandable why you want to get rid.. 

  4. You on ps4?😉🚘

  5. Hiya mate. I've tried messaging you, but you "cannot receive messages". 

    Hope you don't mind me posting on your wall.  

    I've created a thread regarding the Fiesta 'aero foil' front bumper. 

    I've had a few replies that have helped me massively, I'm now confident to fit the aero foil bumper. Willy, has pointed me in the direction of yourself regarding some Ford Pop Rivets? He says maybe you could help me out? 

    Part number... 1555829

    Cheers. Cookey. 

  6. Check your PM mate. 

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