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    ford fiesta zetec blue
  1. My detailing thread...

    Looks great - What do you use for the interior?
  2. Puncture Anyone?

    Personally i would take the spare wheel option for what it costs.You can always buy a puncture repair kit elsewhere anyway.
  3. Show me your Alloys!

    Perhaps some like mine,17 inch,easy to clean but dont ever get Ford to get hold of the centre caps.1 of mine was tarnished and they got the wrong ones 3 times.Ended up sourcing some online instead.Great alloys though.
  4. My Car!

    My car.Ford fiesta Zetec blue.
  5. Balance weights

    Ok great - Thanks guys.Always better to be prepared.
  6. Balance weights

    I may neeed a couple of tyres soon and was wondering that if my wheels need balancing,the balance weights that they may put on would obviously spoil the look of my alloys if they were on the outside,so do ford or can ford put balance weights on the inside of the wheel? In fact are most places able to do this if you ask them or do they just put them on the outside as its easier and perhaps cheaper? I've looked at a few cars with alloy wheels lately at lights etc and notice a lot of balance weights on the outside.
  7. Mirror and speaker problem

    Any idea - what the door panels are like for taking off?On prvious models once a door panel has been off in never seems the same? Let me know how you get on?Would this be covered under warranty? Dare i ask what? :o
  8. Ok got my car last week which is a year old which is great apart from 2 minor problems. 1 - My right door speaker vibrates when music or speech is played through it - it only happens on certain sounds and is not really volume related(I can have the stereo on low and it still does it) - Has anybody else had this type of problem?I dont really fancy popping off the door to get to the speakers or has anybody uprated there speakers which could be a possibility? 2 - Passenger door electic mirror glass seems to stick out of its mirror casing by perhaps 5mm although it seems to work just fine.Am i right in assuming this would be covered by ford warranty as the car is just over a year old or can they be awkward about such things? Oh and by the way is my car generally regarded as the mark 6,theres been that many facelifts over the years i've lost count?
  9. New Fiesta Mats

    I think i've the same mats as you Nipz - Although i paid £27.50 for mine.Will report back when i've got a bit more wear out of them for there longevity!
  10. Hi Guys Just joined,great site - A big hello from the north west!Just got a year old zetec blue last week